Chief Justice John Roberts just the Held the Door Open for me at the Bethesda Starbucks

November 5, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper Sunday, Nov. 4th, 2012

I so wanted to personally thank him for his historic – and deciding – vote on ObamaCare but I chose to simply thank him for holding the door open.

This Starbucks is – literally – around the corner from Roberts’ parish – Our Little Flower – the same Catholic Church on Bethesda’s Massachusetts Avenue where John and Kate Cavanaugh in the late 1970’s enrolled their two oldest, Patrick and Colleen, in elementary school.

The Chief Justice often stops here after Sunday Mass and patrons are used to him getting his coffee like any regular joe.

Then again, salary-wise, Roberts is certainly more of a regular joe than say NU’s overpaid Chancellors.

As I’ve noted before, since Supreme Court Justice’s earn around $200,000 (two hundred thousand) dollars, NU’s Chancellor Perlman makes more than two times what John Roberts makes. Does it seem fair that NU’s Kearney Chancellor Kristensen makes double what the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court earns? That’s a serious question.

Despite already earning double what a Supreme Court Justice earns, NU’s Four Chancellors continue to seek raises so that they can begin to equal the over-the-top salaries of their Big Ten “peers.”

It’s this kind of “Government” salary disparity that Congress must begin to address.

The last vestige of Versailles resides – ironically – in America’s public colleges where the average salary of a Professor at Ohio State is two times what Chief Justice of the United States earns.

That, my Friends, is upside-downism…with all due respect to the country’s talented public federal/Morrill Land Grant Act Professors, Deans, and Department Heads.

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