(Breaking News) Senator Fischer in Omaha says: “We’re losing it…”

November 4, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper

Actually, readers, I took Senator Fischer’s quote, “We’re losing it” out of context.

See, if one reads the entire OWH article by Silver Spring resident, Joe Morton, it’s clear that Senator Fischer is talking about the loss of American manufacturing jobs.

Yet, this out-of-context stuff is what the Nebraska GOP has done with Kerrey’s quote about wanting to return to public service out of a need to serve during this watershed (literally) period in America. Kerrey was speaking about “duty” but his words were taken out of context.

The national GOP – for weeks and weeks – hammered President Obama on his “You didn’t build that” quote which was completely taken out of context. A review of that entire stump speech shows that the President was (inartfully, to be sure) channeling Elizabeth Warren’s standard fund-raising speech in which she explains how corporate titans use America’s public infrastructure of roads, bridges, and highways to transport their goods etc. and this has helped them greatly in their pursuit of wealth. In other words, they didn’t get rich by sheer dint of hard work alone.

Of course, the Democrats have taken some of the Stormin’ Mormon’s statements out of context but none currently come to mind as being as egregious as the “You didn’t build it” which the GOP continues to wrongly milk.

By Joseph Morton

Omaha business owner Dave Wilson was finishing his breakfast at Harold’s Koffee House when Deb Fischer stopped by the popular Florence brunch spot for a chat.

“Your ads have been so funny,” Wilson told the U.S. Senate candidate.

“Mine have been the nice ones,” Fischer said with a smile. “I don’t listen to the other ones.”

With a ranch near Valentine, the Republican state lawmaker has a natural base of support in the state’s lonesome rural stretches.

But as her campaign against Democrat Bob Kerrey nears the finish line, Fischer spent Saturday morning in Omaha. First up was a visit to Harold’s with U.S. Rep. Lee Terry of Nebraska.

Wilson told her how his business, Plastrglas, manufactures decorative architectural features and was hard hit by the anemic economy. How his workforce had shrunk from more than 100 employees to about 35. How one of his competitors moved to Mexico, where the wages are substantially lower.

“What’s your biggest headache,” Fischer said, and after a pause, added, “from government?”

Taxes topped his list.

I don’t think government really cares if we manufacture anything in this country,” he told her.

“We’re losing it, aren’t we?” she said.

“It’s gone,” Wilson replied.

She mentioned ongoing state-level initiatives to create jobs and hit her standard stump speech material: reduce taxes, eliminate regulations and balance the budget.

“We do it in Nebraska,” she said.

Wilson told a reporter he likes that Kerrey is a military veteran, and that he, Wilson, had been on the fence about which candidate to support. But he said he was inclined to vote for Fischer after talking with her.

“I like that her family has been in business and knows to spend less than you’re bringing in,” he said. “Our politicians don’t know how to do that very well.”

Others at Harold’s weren’t sold, however.

Marcia Shadle-Cusic and Jean Tosoni said they were put off by Fischer’s opposition to the new health care law.

“I can’t support somebody who doesn’t support the Affordable Health Care Act,” Shadle-Cusic said. “It’s a right, not a privilege.”

They also wished the Senate race had featured more discussion about the problem of poverty, and wouldn’t be shy about government intervention to address it.

Fischer said poverty results when businesses such as Wilson’s can’t thrive and lay off workers. She said she’ll try to reduce their costs with lower taxes and fewer regulations.

“The way we cure poverty is to provide more opportunities for good jobs,” she said.

Fischer’s next stop was a breakfast meeting with north Omaha business and community leaders at Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering.

They sipped cranberry iced tea out of Mason jars…

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