Kerrey Should Win Senate Seat to Balance GOP Political Power “Hoarders” in Nebraska

November 3, 2012


Mr Kerrey is qualified and that’s what’s got all the (R)’s in this state running around thinking the sky is falling.” LJS Comment

What I find truly mind-boggling is how shook the Nebraska GOP gets about Kerrey’s potential election when the Republican Party holds 95 per cent of the power in the state.

Nebraska’s current Senator is a member of the GOP.

Nebraska’s 1st District Congressman is a Republican.

Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressman is Republican.

Nebraska’s 3rd District Congressman is a Republican.

Nebraska’s Governor is a Republican.

Nebraska’s Lt. Governor is a Republican.

Nebraska’s Secretary of State is Republican.

Nebraska’s Treasurer is Republican.

Nebraska’s Auditor is Republican.

Nebraska’s Regents are (mostly) Republicans.

Nebraska’s NU President is a Republican.

Nebraska’s Chancellors are (mostly) Republicans.

Nebraska’s small-town Mayors are (mostly) Republicans.

Nebraska’s small-town newspaper Publishers are (mostly) Republicans.

For the love of Abraham Lincoln, could the GOP chill out already about Kerrey possibly winning this seat. Seriously, it’s kinda scary to read the nasty blog these days and absorb the scorched-earth rantings of “The Right Wing Professor” and his coterie of over-the-top Kerrey critics.

OMG, so Nebraskans might elect one Democrat to represent the state’s disillusioned Republicans, Democrats, and Cornhusker Independents. Why not get a grip, GOP, and just admit that that would be far fairer than the one-sided situation we have now.

Truth be told, Nebraska needs Kerrey if for no other reason – and there are plenty of good ones – to balance out GOP power hoarders.

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