“The Nebraska Way” does not include Suing One’s Elderly Neighbors; Yes, the Really Rich Irony Here is that some Nebraskans View Lawsuits as Something New Yorkers Do. Again, Talk About a Slogan Boomerang that Hit the GOP Where it Hurts: at the Polls.

October 31, 2012


Letter, 10/31: Kerrey’s desperation

[I responded to another Lincoln Journal Star (LJS) attack on Bob Kerrey. The Letter is printed after my Comment]

Land Grant University Reform – 12 minutes agoIndependent, objective observers agree that the Fischer lawsuit is a bona fide campaign issue, a long-simmering Fischer obsession that boiled over into the Game & Parks – Snake River Falls Ranch controversy which constituted an abuse of power, an action that is completely germane to a United States Senate race.

Without question, the Kime lawsuit odyssey exposed Fischer’s character and her current response (rewriting History + misrepresenting facts) is just as eye-opening and even more unflattering.

Should the Omaha World-Herald (OWH) have published a feature on Fischer’s sons? No. That was unfair.

But Bob Kerrey raising this rancher/neighbor on rancher/neighbor battle that comes under the banner, “No Good Deed (by the Kimes) Goes Unpunished (by the Fischers) is indisputably a fair subject for Nebraska voters to learn about and discuss.

Beyond that, it was Senator Fischer campaign who has consistently used the phrase, “The Nebraska Way” in ads, speeches, and Letters to the Editor; a not-too-subtle dig at Kerrey’s decade-long tenure at New York’s New School.

Nebraskans clearly agree that “The Nebraska Way” does not – by any stretch of the definition – include suing one’s elderly neighbors.

The really rich irony here, of course, is that some Nebraskans believe that suing one’s neighbors is the kind of thing nasty New Yorkers do.

Personally, I don’t buy into this Nebraska versus New York stuff as I know that there are wonderful New Yorkers and salt-of-the-earth Cornhuskers and Nebraska jerks and awful New Yorkers.

Each and every state – for that matter, country and race – has its share of saints and sinners

The recent ads attacking the integrity of Deb Fischer are a clear sign of desperation by the Kerrey campaign. Deb Fischer’s friends and neighbors have voted twice to send her to Lincoln to represent their best interests as state senator. If Fischer wasn’t a good neighbor, these issues would have been brought up long ago and she would never have been sent to Lincoln in the first place.

It is obvious Bob Kerrey knows he can’t win based on his policy positions, so he has to resort to personal attacks. Nebraskans know better. Let’s send Deb Fischer to Washington on Nov. 6 so we can be represented not only by a person of great character, but a person who is right on the issues Nebraskans care about.

Kevin Peterson, Osceola


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