The Omaha World-Herald” Two Strikes: Heinous Treatment of Nancy Sebring & Not Endorsing the Gr8 Bob Kerrey; Who’s Going to be Fired for the Third?

October 30, 2012


The poor Omaha World-Herald. In 2010, for a full year they trumpeted a Terry-Tom White “Marquee Match of the Midlands” when it wasn’t.




Now, when the Kerrey-Fischer race really is, they’re playing down the race because they’ve been SO WRONG on its outcome.




Clearly, currently the soon-to-be-chagrined OWH is trying to figure out how to spin the fall-out that’s going to inevitably occur when Senator Fischer loses the race and Bob Kerrey’s third Senate try is a charm.



Ya gotta love a state-wide Paper whose political coverage is so far off-the-accurate-mark that Nebraskans would be better served to simply stop subscriptions.



Boycott the World-Herald until they get some new political management. It’s not just the OWH’s horrible handling of Kerrey’s run but it’s also the OWH crucifying almost-OPS head Nancy Sebring.



Again, in any other corporate or non-profit arena, the OWH top brass would have been justly removed by now.



Why should out-there newspaper management/managing editor decisions not be subject to traditional work-place shake-ups?



What the Omaha World-Herald did to Nancy Sebring borders on the criminal, in my mind. The OWH – literally – wrecked the rest of her life. And for what? Bottom line: to sell some extra newspapers. There was simply no reason to print Sebring’s emails in the detailed form that they did.



In essence, it amounted to finding someone’s diary when that diary was – let’s say, stolen, from a home – and the person [in this case, the OWH] believes that it’s somehow legal to print each and every comment in the diary because the diary’s genesis was untoward?



No. The answer is NO. The OWH should never have published Sebring’s emails in the graphic detail they did. Sebring writing them on a public computer system does not give whoever finds the diary free license to nationally publish what was in the diary to mix the comparisons. And NO amount of OWH Mike Reilly & C. David Kotok oh-so-righteous justification of the OWH heinous treatment of Sebring can justify it.

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