Kerrey’s Race Resurrection: He can Thank the [Vince] “Powers-that-Be”

October 30, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Okay, how sad is it that Nebraska’s (ostensible) “Paper of Record” has managed to not endorse Bob Kerrey for each and every one of his successful political campaigns.Wouldn’t you love to watch inside scenes at the OWH when managing editors like C. David Kotok – who’s long been a Kerrey uber-fan and friend- tries to work his magic (Come on, guys, please, please, please endorse Bob) with the OWH “Powers-that-Be.”

Speaking of Vince Powers, I’m thinkin’ that Bob Kerrey pretty much owes his Race Resurrection to the savvy, likeable Lawyer from Lincoln.

I mean, wasn’t it the mighty Vince that read the fine print in the Fischer-Kime lawsuit and alerted the Kerrey campaign to its real meaning. Ordinary humans looking at lawsuits simply glaze over all the back and forth and the he-said/she said. But Powers examined it and voila!, he understood just how bad the Fischers’ land grab really was.

So, Kerrey’s Resurrection is a major story and yet no one – as in the Lincoln Journal Star, the poor, vision-less OWH, Nebraska Watchdog et al – has covered it.

Deena, where are you, my Friend. Then again, another Kerrey aid has been the consistently great coverage of the Fischer-Kerrey race by Joe Jordan and Deena Winter. They’ve put the Omaha World-Herald to shame.

I mean the broadcast of those assembled at Kerrey’s latest press conference laughing when NW’s Jordan quipped to GOP Head Mark Fahleson, “Isn’t what you’re doing a campaign tactic?” really makes you want to smile.

Nebraskans deserve  the who, what, why, when, and how the Fischer-Kime lawsuit became Issue Number One in Bob Kerrey’s Senate race is one of the biggest political stories of the year. If I happened to be the Managing Editor of either the Lincoln Journal-Star or the Omaha World-Herald, this Powers’ coup would merit a front page lengthy feature.

I, personally, would try to “get” this blockbuster but I’m still mystified – and miffed – about why Vince Powers – and the rest of Nebraska’s Democratic party poo-bahs – allowed the remarkable Rebekah Davis to twist slowly in the wind for two years rather than galvanize Cornhuskers to support, mentor, and take her to the top.

As I’ve written before, with even one-tenth of the support Bob Kerrey’s gotten from the Democrats, Rebekah Davis could have beaten the listless Rep. Adrian Smith. Me, I could see Chieftains not getting behind given my NU activism. But Nebraska missed a golden opportunity to win the 3rd-District Congressional seat. Do they truly care about winning or is it about owning female politicians to the point where Vince writes the speeches for neophyte female Democratic politicians for Lancaster County Democratic Conventions? See, Rebekah Davis did not ask “permission” from the Boys in the Big Battalions before she entered the 3rd District Democratic congressional race. Davis did not – nor never would – ask the “Powers-that-Be” to write her Convention speeches. She was her own woman and a wunderkind at that but the Dems ignored her for those who cannot ever hold a candle to the Cornhusker from Crimson Country.

Watching Nebraska Democrats completely ignore Rebekah Davis – why? because she’s not a lawyer or her daddy’s not a rich businessman? – remains a haunting 2010 memory for me. In 2010, it became crystal clear to me that Nebraska Democrats do not practice what they preach with respect to their platform that declares that America remains an egalitarian country, a meritocracy.

What to do? How about a 3rd Party called the “Center Pivot Party” brought to you by Land Grant University Reform. That’s what I’m talking about.

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