I Finally Figured Out the Rationale behind the OWH’s Endorsement of Fischer; It’s a “Proxy” Make-Up for the OWH’s Odious Treatment of Nancy Sebring + By Adding Ewing, they can “Check Off”: a) a woman; b) a minority. After all, for 100 years, the OWH has Endorsed White GOP Men for Pretty Much Every Office

October 30, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper
I’m always over-joyed when the Omaha World-Herald’s Washington, D.C. correspondent, Joe Morton, writes a political story in which MONEY is not the primary subject. Good job, Joe.
But ever since the OWH endorsed Senator Deb Fischer, I’ve been deeply perplexed.
First off, it’s clear that she is – by far – the less qualified candidate.
Secondly, the Fischer’s lawsuit against the Kimes, indeed, is a revealing and sordid tale not to mention the whole “abuse of power” that followed with respect to ensuring that the Nebraska public could not get near the Fischer family ranching land to trout fish.
Third, the OWH was bought by Susie Buffett’s dad, Warren, and they both happen to be Friends of Bob.
So, what’s the deal? You own the paper. Can’t you endorse the guy who you – the Buffetts – believe in?
Then, it struck me. The Omaha World-Herald endorsed Deb Fischer as a “proxy” make-up for their across-the-board horrendous treatment towards the once well-respected-until-the-OWH-chose-to-villify-her-and-wreck-her-illustrious-career-FOREVER, Nancy Sebring.
By adding an endorsement for John Ewing, you can almost hear the OWH’s many, many white-men-in-suits who run the paper feeling that – FOR ONCE – they could add a woman and a minority to their endorsement arsenal.
I mean, the OWH, has spent more than a century endorsing other white GOP men for Regents, for this, that, and the other political thing.
Oh, and they figured that Senator Fischer was going to win. That was what “conventional wisdom” declared anyway.
But the funny thing about “conventional wisdom” is that CW has a mind of its own.
Too bad the OWH lost theirs. No, I’m serious. The Sebring decision showed a complete cluelessness about The Lives of Others – Women, that is.
Bob Kerrey touts Republican endorsements
By Joseph Morton

Democrat Bob Kerrey’s Tuesday morning press conference was supposed to be about bipartisan cooperation, but the talk kept returning to his ads criticizing his opponent, Republican Deb Fischer, over allegations that she fought a proposal to turn a scenic patch of land into a state park.

Rex Amack was among the Republicans who showed up to endorse Kerrey for Nebraska’s open Senate seat. Amack spent 44 years with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, including 24 as director before retiring earlier this year.

Amack was asked about Kerrey saying Fischer tried to shoot down a proposal to make a state park out of Snake Falls Ranch, which is next to the ranch owned by Fischer and her husband, Bruce, near Valentine.

Fischer has said she never took a position on whether the ranch should be a state park.

Amack said the state was certainly keen to create a public space out of the ranch, with its first-class trout fishing and mind-blowing scenery.

“The Snake River is a spectacular natural resource for Nebraska, and currently the public has no access to that river,” he said.

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