Breaking News: Senator Johanns’ “Ugly” Slander Against Bob Kerrey who is Not – by any Stretch of the Definition – Engaging in “Gutter” Politics. Who Does the Good Senator Think He is? Bless His Soul, He’s Out of Control with that False Allegation.

October 28, 2012


Land Grant University Reform – 18 hours ago

Senator Johanns says, “”I think Bob Kerrey unfortunately reached the conclusion that the only way he could win was to win really ugly,”

What’s really ugly is coveting your elderly, generous neighbors’ land and then suing them when they won’t sell it to you.

What’s also repulsive is Senator Johanns’ slanderous allegation that Kerrey is engaging in “ugly” gutter politics.

Independent, objective observers agree that the Fischer lawsuit is a bona fide campaign issue, a long-simmering Fischer obsession that boiled over into the Game & Parks – Snake River Falls Ranch controversy.

Without question, the odyssey exposed Fischer’s character and her current response (rewriting History + misrepresenting facts) is just as eye-opening…and even more unflattering.

Should the Omaha World-Herald (OWH) have published a feature on Fischer’s sons? No. That was unfair.

But Bob Kerrey raising this rancher/neighbor on rancher/neighbor battle that comes under the banner, “No Good Deed (by the Kimes) Goes Unpunished (by the Fischers) is indisputably a fair subject for Nebraska voters to learn about and discuss.

There should be a press conference Tuesday asking Senator Johanns to apologize to Bob Kerrey for casting aspersions on his character and doing it in a manner unbefitting of a United States Senator who has sworn that he will faithfully represent all the citizens of Nebraska.

Not just those who side with Senator Fischer’s unreal version of past events.

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