What do NELNET, Gallup, & the Fischer Clan have in Common? or Who’s Sick of Republicans Railing against the “Big, Bad Government” but (Secretly) Getting Rich on the Federal Dime?

October 27, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Hey, blog readers, if you haven’t followed the Lincoln Journal Star’s (LJS) story re-printed below, please click on it as the 90-some Comments show just how scorched-earth the GOP is getting as the U.S. Senate race tightens.

I’m re-publishing my latest Comment:

Kerrey responds to Johanns’ criticism of ads

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  1. Land Grant University Reform – 21 minutes ago
    @ KROC63 You do realize, don’t you, that the statement of yours re-printed below:

    “Kerrey should have never put that ad on TV, but now that he has, we will tell the “killing” story…” reveals far more about you and the Nebraska GOP than it does Bob Kerrey.

    Fact. Nebraska Veterans overwhelmingly support Bob Kerrey for the U.S. Senate in 2012.

    Fact. Bob Kerrey has every right to highlight the Senator Fischer lawsuit as it, indeed, is an authentic issue, one that has illuminated her self-serving raison d’etre for entering politics in the first place (to settle some unsuccessful “land-grab” scores). Furthermore, the Fischer lawsuit reveals a dark widow into her political heart.

    Beyond that, the Fischer lawsuit/Snake River Falls Ranch NET controversy stands as a classic microcosm of national Republican hypocrisy with respect to the “big, bad government.”

    NELNET & Gallup, two Lincoln-Omaha-based businesses whose CEO’s are known Republicans who rant and rail against corporate “regulations”and FEDERAL intrusion into the workplace when, just like the Fischer family, both NELNET & Gallup owe great portions of their wealth to the very FEDERAL government they love to denigrate.

    Just as the Fischers repaid the Kimes’ kindness with several hostile attempts to get the Fischer family hands on the Kimes’ valuable land, NELNET & Gallup have repaid the FEDERAL government for awarding them lucrative FEDERAL subsidies and fat FEDERAL contracts by vastly “over-billing” the very FEDERAL government – also known as the American taxpayer- who has been lining the pockets of NELNET & Gallup titans and the Fischer clan for decades now. Fact.

    NELNET, Gallup, & the Fischer Family – these are NOT isolated instances, my Friends.

    Again, this Nebraska troika is a microcosm of the national GOP’s disturbing modus operandi.

    To recap: the Fischers, NELNET, & Gallup are three peas in a political pod and their pattern of treating themselves to FEDERAL largesse while they “speechify” against “Government” – as they ALL (secretly) get rich on the backs of hard-working Americans – is immoral to the core.

    And Senator Johanns – whose large family has indulged themselves on “THE GOVERNMENT DIME” for more than twenty years now – has the audacity to DENY health care to the very Americans who pay he and his family’s state-of-the-art FEDERAL health care.

    Johanns has been on the GOVERNMENT DOLE for most of his working life – unlike Bob Kerrey – yet the Good Senator repeatedly has voted against his fellow Americans receiving the SAME critical health care that the Johanns Family has benefited from for decades. This shows staggering hypocrisy, my fellow Cornhuskers.

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