“Owe”-maha World-Herald has the Vision of Mr. Magoo: Kerrey Doesn’t Need their Corporate Imprimatur; After all, the OWE-W-H did not Endorse Kerrey for Gov or Senator & Guess What? He Won Without Them! + Senator Johanns’ Faux Fischer Outrage

October 26, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C.  (exclusive) by Ivy Harper
The latest “Owe”maha World-Herald lede opens with with this laughable sentence: “Johanns blasts Kerrey for ad criticizing Fischer on Snake Falls Ranch” to which I say, “Uhmmmm, like, OMG, who cares! Seriously. Does the “Owe”maha World-Herald actually believe that Nebraskans follow their lead given the OWH’s awful political track record.
Come on. Any Cornhusker can see that the OWH figured that Fischer was going to win and they – being the corporate shills that they are – wanted to get on her good side.
It’s that simple.
Below is the Owe-World-Herald publishing another article that is merely meant to make sure their “Endorsed” Senator manages to cross the Senate finishing line.
My prediction: Bob Kerrey’s gonna win. Boo-yah, Owe-MaHa World-Herald. And after he does, the OWH will be even more marginalized.
By Paul Goodsell

• VIDEO: Click here to watch Bob Kerrey’s new campaign ad criticizing opponent Deb Fischer about Snake Falls Ranch.

U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., said Thursday that former Sen. Bob Kerrey should apologize for a campaign ad criticizing State Sen. Deb Fischer in their race for Nebraska’s Senate seat.

“Bob should just apologize, say he’s sorry, and move on,” Johanns said as he stood next to Fischer at an Omaha press conference. “I’m extremely disappointed in Bob Kerrey.”

Johanns has endorsed Fischer, a fellow Republican, in her campaign against Kerrey, a Democrat. Thursday, he took issue with a Kerrey ad that accuses Fischer of abusing her political power and questions her character.

The ad centers on the Snake Falls Ranch near Valentine, which is next to the ranch owned by Fischer and her husband, Bruce.

The Fischers once sued the owners of Snake Falls Ranch in an attempt to acquire about 100 acres of land that the Fischers argued was theirs under a legal doctrine known as adverse possession. The Fischers lost the lawsuit.

Kerrey’s campaign alleges that Fischer went out of her way to stop the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission from buying Snake Falls Ranch as a state park. Specifically, Fischer introduced Legislative Bill 229, which diverted money from the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

The Kerrey campaign says part of that money was intended to buy the ranch, which eventually was purchased by a private club instead.

Fischer called Kerrey’s ad “blatantly untrue.”

Johanns said Kerrey is wrong to blame LB 229 — and Fischer — for preventing the ranch from being purchased for public use. He said the law didn’t keep the state from buying the land. And he said Kerrey’s ad, which challenges Fischer’s character, is intended to distract voters from his unpopular political positions.

“Senator Kerrey knows he can’t win if he runs on the issues he supports,” Johanns said.

Kerrey spokesman Chris Triebsch said Fischer is the one who should apologize for her actions.

“State Senator Deb Fischer desperately wants to hide the truth about her treatment of her elderly neighbors, her attempted land grab and her abuse of power in the Legislature,” Triebsch said.

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New Kerrey campaign ad; 

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