The Prolific Commenter “Interested Observer” Sums up Senator Fischer’s Lawsuit

October 16, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper

As a journalist you learn quickly that there are not just two sides to every story, sometimes there are three or four. For that reason, I’ve been trying to determine where “the truth” lies with Senator Fischer’s Kime family lawsuit.

To that end, I’m re-printing the Comments of “Interested Observer” who describes himself as a Cherry County rancher who has known Fischer and her family for a long time. He seems to have facts that neither the LJS or the OWH have included. The Comments below follow the LJS’s Don Walton’s feature highlighting Bob Kerrey’s statewide ad buy that cast aspersions on Senator Fischer’s character with the Kime lawsuit as Exhibit A:
Interested Observer – 5 hours agoDo all of you realize that the Kime’s Snake Falls Ranch was appraised for around $9 million and is around 3,100 acres, so that makes the average price around $3,000 per acre. Now, the thing is, about 3/4 of the ranch is basically regular pasture land and only about 1/4 of the ranch is actually Snake River and it’s valley, which is by far and away the most extremely valuable part. The regular pasture might be worth around $300 per acre, so that makes the river part worth, perhaps, as much as $10,000 per acre.

The part of the ranch that Deb tried to take included part of the river and so the 105 acres at $10,000 per acre makes that part worth perhaps as much as ONE MILLION dollars! But even then, even valuing the 105 acres at the average sale price makes that part worth at least $315,000. That’s a lot of money to try to take from a nice, elderly couple who worked hard all their lives and were so good to the Fischer family all those years.

Also remember that the only reason Deb wanted this land from the neighbor was to SELL IT. Fischers have 2 stories here. Bruce said he wanted to own the land so they would always be able to move their cattle from the home place to their McKelvie National Forest pasture, for more WELFARE GRAZING. But now Deb finally admits they did all this just to sell the little bit of land they had there. They keep changing their story and making more excuses.

Below are more Comments on the Kime-Fischer lawsuit:

onenature – 1 hour ago

Since when does stating the facts equate to below the belt tactics? Do you really want someone capable of Deb’s unethical treatment of her kind hearted neighbors to represent this state? There are numerous people in Washington that are far worse than Bob Kerry. Deb Fischer Norquist would just add to that list.harts

        1. Scotious
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          Scotious – 3 hours ago
          The list of reasons not to vote for Fischer is very long, and there are no real reasons to vote for her, unless you’re a fan of Karl Rove or the Koch bros. The reasons to vote for Kerrey are numerous. The only reason I hear why we shouldn’t vote for Kerrey is because he took a job in New York.I would think that would add to his life experience. Really, ShortNSweet, is that all you got?
          1. onenature
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            onenature – 3 hours ago
            So Deb Fischer must be “trying to pick up that senate seat” so she can move to the east coast? And last I heard, people in this country are free to live where they choose. Bob had a job opportunity there. He met his wife there where she works. Whats the problem? Seems we have other Nebraska politicians living there as well. Should we impeach them for not commuting?
        2. Interested Observer
          1. Mr Chow
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            Mr Chow – 3 hours ago
            Thats right Interested Observer, the Fischers were selling the land and needed to quiet title on a piece that they believed they rightfully purchased ten years earlier from another party. AS ADVISED TO THEM BY THEIR ATTORNEY. They couldn’t sell the land without figuring it out first, and the Kimes refused to settle it out of court. What would you have done genius?
            1. Interested Observer
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              Interested Observer – 1 hour ago
              Also, what did you mean “They couldn’t sell the land without figuring it out first”? Obviously, Fischer’s had just purchased their land a few years earlier, so they must have had some idea what and where it was? Otherwise why did they buy it if they didn’t know? What kind of business decision was that on Fischer’s part to buy something that they didn’t understand in the first place?Just because DEB FI$CHER was ignorant about the land doesn’t mean she’s entitled to go around bullying her elderly neighbors who DID know what they owned. Ultimately, the Judge ruled that the Kime’s DID know what was theirs. It was only the Fischer’s who didn’t know what they were doing and caused all the trouble in the first place.

            2. Interested Observer
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              Interested Observer – 1 hour ago
              Well GENIUS, I would look at the plat map of Cherry County and then I’d look at the legal description on the deed that I got with the land that my dad bought for me as a wedding present that came with the McKelvie National Forest grazing permit to make sure that I would get WELFARE GRAZING my whole life so I could try to make it ranching.Then I’d only sell the land that I actually owned and I sure wouldn’t go around trying to steal my neighbor’s land! That’s for sure.

              Then I’d actually take responsibility for my own decisions and not continue to blame everybody else all the time!

              1. Mr Chow
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