Quote of the Week: The Writer Buttresses my Long-Standing Criticism of America’s $$$ Six BILLION Dollar Campaign “Consultantcy” Industry

October 13, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper

The Comment below was made by one of the Huffington Post’s “Community Pundits” in response to a Huff-Post story about the Vice Presidential Debate. It’s worth a re-print:



Tommygun264 04:47 AM on 10/12/2012

While there were several enjoyable moments in the debate, one particular moment stands out as the point where Vice President Biden cinched the win.
That was toward the end of the foreign policy segment, where Lyin’ kept piling on one criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy after another, Vice President Biden asked exactly what Lyin’ would have done differently, followed by instant, deafening silence from Lyin’, then after a few seconds Lyin’ started stammering, but instead of answering what he would do differently, he started listing the points that he AGREED with President Obama’s actions, until finally he managed to say “but he should have done it sooner”.
That’s where it became crystal clear – just like with Lyin’s budget plan, which he claims will work, but admits he hasn’t run the numbers yet; and his tax plan, which he claims will work in spite of all evidence to the contrary, but then says “it’s too complicated to explain”; he’s got NOTHING, but empty rhetoric that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Expect the corporate media to do what it always does when the Democrat wins – try to spin it as a draw with no clear winner.
The mainstream corporate media rakes in the lions share of both party’s billions in campaign funding by selling political ads, so it’s in their best interest to propagate the myth of a neck-and-neck horserace up to the bitter end.


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