The Voice: God Bless Biden, His Pipes have Got Gravitas. It’s that Simple. Ryan’s is Tinny & He Came Across Like a Grasping College Debater; So Bush League; Biden: the Ivy League

October 12, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Vice President Joe Biden commanded the stage Thursday night and won the debate on his voice alone.

Paul Ryan’s voice just doesn’t cut it.

How important are voices?

They’re critical.

Why do we adore Adele,  Andrea Bocelli, Bono, & Emmylou Harris and not a bar full of third-rate lounge singers?

It’s because of the quality of their voices. They’re God-given. You can’t purchase a great one on Rodeo Drive, that’s for sure.

And not a single member of the six billion dollar a year “campaign consultantcy” industry can manufacture gravitas.

Biden’s has scratchy sincerity that suggests he’s seen some sorrow in his day. Ryan’s screams trying-to-be-earnest fakiness.

For most of the evening, Paul Ryan himself seemed duly chastened by Joe Biden and I will give Ryan credit for remaining respectful throughout Biden’s hard-charging ninety minute offensive. Did Biden interrupt too much? Yes, but he had to in order not to let Ryan’s inaccurate statements stand. It’s interesting that the GOP now talks about “rudeness” when this is the Party who let a member yell “You lie” at the President of the United States during a State of the Union speech without any repercussions. This is a Party who wont return POTUS phone calls. Now, they want perfect politeness.

The three best moments: when Vice President Biden called Ryan out on his stimulus hypocrisy. I particularly liked that because I’ve been doing the same thing with the Nebraska GOP since 2010. I’ve written about Nebraska State Senator Greg Adams of York speaking to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and raving about the “state” of Education that year. During the question and answer period, I asked the Good Senator if it wasn’t true that Nebraska used $260 million from the Stimulus to keep the Education picture in Nebraska rosy. Senator Adams – who actually had the gall to tell the assembled business men and women Nebraska’s K-16 scene was in such a healthy state because of Gov. Heineman (who opposed the Stimulus as did Adams) and Adams’ stewardship of the Education Committee – blushed and barked at me, “What’s your point?” But the crowd got my point. As did last night’s listeners when Biden laid out Ryan’s brazen hypocrisy.

The second was when Biden looked straight at the camera and said to the American people, “Use common sense. Who are you going to trust on this?” [Social Security].

The third were the moments that drew laughter including when Paul Ryan said something to the effect that, “The Vice President should know that sometimes things don’t come out exactly as we plan them.” A gentle barb that the audience genuinely responded to; the other light moment came when Biden shook his head about one of Ryan’s responses and used the word “stuff.” The moderator Martha Raddatz picked up on that and cut in, “What do you mean by ‘stuff’?” I think she was the one who said, “Is that an Irish thing?” Both Biden and Ryan – Irish-American Catholics – laughed and Ryan added, “It’s malarky.” That was cool because he was labeling his own suggestion as ridiculous b.s. Yet, he did it with good humor. Refreshing.

Still, what is it with GOP Veep candidates. From Dan Quayle to Sarah Palin to Dick Cheney to Paul Ryan, not a single one of them possesses that certain something that says, “I’ve lived through some tough times and I’m still standing.”

If I were the Stormin’ Mormon, I’d be wishing I’d picked Rob Portman about now.

Score one for the Favorite Son from Scranton. He knocked out the Kid from Kongress Light.

Who’d a thought just two weeks ago that the overly-confident Orator would owe his election to his aging wing man. A political miracle really. And thank Heaven for that.

From California to Connecticut and Boulder to Birmingham, the verdict is in: the President’s going to win. Again.

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