Imagine there’s No Football. I Wonder if You Can. No One to Root & Scream For, A Brotherhood of Men Who Are Later Hit With Early-Adult Alzheimers, Concussion-Induced, Irreversible Brain Injuries, Tormented Post-Football Lives & Too Many Suicides.

October 9, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper, Land Grant University Chancellor (exclusive)

Perhaps, America should consider banning football. Period. Across-the-board. The SCIENCE is in. Football kills it players later.

SCIENCE. The holiest of holy words at our nation’s colleges and universities.

Talk about a juxtaposition. The Ivory Tower – on their (ostensibly) hallowed grounds of learning host the most brutal blood sport around. One that more and more resembles the gorged-out Romans watching the lions in the coliseums which, interestingly, haven’t changed a bit – design-wise – since the days of the real Emperors.

And what about NU Chancellor Perlman UNILATERALLY escalating the sports salary arms race.

When an AD makes one million dollars, the ACADEMIC side’s HALF A MILLION looks like “small” salary potatoes. Of course, NU just wants to keep up with its “Peers” in the Big Ten. Hey, Harvey, you gave Mr. Eichorst nearly $300,000 HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS more than the next highest-paying AD in the Big Ten.

Cornhuskers have got to start making connections and realizing that the Ivory Tower is the New – or should we say, old – Wall Street.

Meanwhile, Lincoln’s luxury apartments are filled by wealthy out-of-state and international students and Nebraska’s working and middle class students are now relegated to Nebraska Community Colleges.

This, my Friends, is immoral and is a direct slap at the visionary federal/Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 that this year, NU is pretending to honor. In name only.

As my dear, now 86-year-old mother says, “What a farce.”

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