Wow! I’ve Been Urging the President to Mention “Land Grant Colleges” in a State of the Union or a Debate. He Finally Did & Hearing Him Refer to LGC’s was Absolutely Awesome!

October 4, 2012


President OBAMA: “But as Abraham Lincoln understood, there are also some things we do better together. So, in the middle of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln said, let’s help to finance the Transcontinental Railroad, let’s start the National Academy of Sciences, let’s start Land Grant Colleges, because we want to give these gateways of opportunity for all Americans, because if all Americans are getting opportunity, we’re all going to be better off. That doesn’t restrict people’s freedom. That enhances it.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper

Not that I have his ear. But I do live in D.C. these days and I do know the Education players in this town and I’ve been regularly sending my Land Grant Posts around. Ergo, after hearing President Obama actually use the phrase, “Land Grant Colleges,” it’s clear that my Land Grant efforts have paid off. Big Time. I’m pretty sure that no President since Abraham Lincoln himself has referred to Land Grant Colleges, so recognition of the visionary 1862 Act has been a long time coming.

There is only one 501(C)3 in the country – Land Grant University Reform – devoted to making certain that Lincoln’s ground-breaking “gateways of opportunity” for all Americans doesn’t turn into a “privatization” farce wherein wealthy out-of-state and international students (and God Bless Them All) purchase Land Grant University slots thereby rendering the over-arching purpose of the Act moot.

@ NU: the purpose of the Land Grant Act was to provide one place – in each state – where that state’s residents could attend a dynamic, flagship University – of the quality of our nation’s East Coast Ivy League colleges – and that they could get into the program of their choice. In perpetuity. And the state’s students cannot be “benchmarked” to Community Colleges by constantly raising the bar so high that the kids from the rural hamlets – who don’t have access to the kinds of SAT test prep that wealthy out-of-state students have – are forced out of NU by fake “standards.”

What’s happened at NU – which is something that President Milliken, UNMC Chancellor Harold Mauer, and UN-L Chancellor Perlman won’t admit – is that the troika has privatized Nebraska’s sacred federal/Morrill Land Grant University and, in essence, the trio has been selling NU’s coveted seats in select NU Department Programs to the highest bidder.

Oh, and when the President mentioned the $60 BILLION dollar savings his Administration made by eliminating the predatory “middle man” predatory banker, he was referring to Sallie Mae & Nelnet; that’s right the Nelnet that gave a boatload of stock to the NU Foundation, stock it just so happened to receive – and sell when Nelnet was trading at its absolute highest right before word came that Nelnet was being investigated by Inspectors General – as part of the Chancellor Perlman, uber-lobbyist and then UN-L Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, Kim Robak, lucrative “deal”/NU “partnership” with the predatory Nelnet.

Stay tuned.


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