Lying is the New Truth-Telling by Chancellor Ivy Harper of Nebraska’s Lincoln-Land Grant University

October 4, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. –  by Ivy Harper (exclusive)

Below is an insightful Comment posted by someone after a Yahoo story on the debates and I think it’s worth re-printing:

“For what it’s worth, Obama is campaigning at a rally in Colorado right now. He began by referring to the debate  as follows:

‘When I got on stage, I met this fellow who CLAIMED to be Mitt Romney. But he couldn’t have been Mitt Romney.’

President Obama then proceeded to lay out all the differences between “the guy on stage last night” and “the real Mitt Romney” who’s been campaigning for the last year and a half. He even pointed out that the real Mitt Romney has an accountant who knows all about laws for sending money overseas – HILARIOUS!”

Watching Rmoney reverse himself (also known as lying) on so many critical issues was mind-boggling and I for one, believe that President Obama lost the debate because he was so stunned at the audacity of the Stormin’ Mormon to act as a champion for the middle class when it’s clear he isn’t.

I know what it feels like to have someone – at a critical point in a campaign – lie through their teeth. It’s unnerving. That’s what UNO Chancellor John Christensen and his one-time Vice-Chancellor, Wade Robinson, did about me three weeks before the election when it became evident that I was surging and was poised to do better than Tom White even though I spent a mere twenty grand and White spent more than one million dollars. What’s better proof of fiscal conservatism than to spend 30 cents per vote as opposed to thirty dollars. Oops, but what does someone like me beating a Washington, D.C. Democratically-anointed “Red to Blue” wealthy trial lawyer Democrat like White whose million + bucks ended up lining the pockets of members of the six BILLION dollar a cycle “campaign consultancy” business.

The good news: the truth always comes out. Sometimes, it takes years but it surfaces. NU continues to think – just like Penn State – that they can lie with impunity because they’ve gotten away with it over and over in the past but the world has changed. Irony: the Ivory Tower being the last to know (get it, knowledge) that their Higher Ed Emperors are buck naked and still dancing in the streets demanding, as one of America’s most respected college critics says, “Give us your money and leave us alone to do as we please.”


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