OMG, Could UNMC BE any more TONE-DEAF! How About Touting a New Cancer Center for its Potential to Cure Cancer not to “Spur Major Re-Development” Seriously, this Latest OWH Puff Piece is Beyond Tasteless…Yeah!, UNMC says, “Cancer’s Bringing in the Bucks + We Must Fill the 200 Beds; Cornhuskers, Keep Eating Red Meat, Aspertame, & HFCS & Getting Fat & Come on Over to UNMC!” Seriously, Something Wicked This Way Comes When a Cancer Center “Appeals to Big-City Ambitions.” That, my Friends is SICK by Ivy Harper

October 2, 2012


UNMC cancer center would be ‘transformational,’ backers say
By Juan Perez Jr.

A new cancer research center was touted Monday for its potential to spur major redevelopment in midtown Omaha, with the goal of bringing new housing, stores, a hotel, jobs and tax dollars.

University of Nebraska Medical Center officials portrayed their plan as a catalyst to redevelop the Saddle Creek Road corridor into something like Aksarben Village or Midtown Crossing. Such plans could revive a concept to move Saddle Creek Road to accommodate a flood-control waterway.

Supporters of the $370 million UNMC project appealed to Omaha’s big-city ambitions during a final pitch for city funding. They again stressed that the cancer center would be a “transformational” project for Omaha.

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