@ Senator Kerrey: Don’t Fix What Wasn’t Broken in 1st Debate; People Liked Your Passion…the Understandable Outrage that Leavenworthst.com Mistakenly Calls “Whining”

September 28, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper (exclusive)

Don’t fix what was not broken in the last debate.  You were great.  Just sprinkle some humor into it.  That’s one of your strengths.  And go gently into humor when/if you do find the right time to toss in a good line or two. You’ve got to find just the right mix of your State Fair passion with respect to the issues and couple that with your innate sense of timing; knowing just when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Political antler-bashing is appealing only to a point. And then, suddenly, it veers into crash-time. A.G. Bruning had to learn that the hard way. Imagine how he wishes he could take back the use of the word “creepy” in his penultimate debate with Don Stenberg and Senator Fischer.

Again, remember Al Gore going up against what Washington elites assumed was a poor debater, George W. Bush, but Bush won the debates on style. Al Gore acted arrogant. No one likes that.

Nor do they like sarcasm, being sardonic, sneering, scowling, eye-rolling, head-shaking, looking to the audience for affirmation, harrumphing, or as Bush ’41 did against Clinton, looking at your watch.

During my unsuccessful run for Congress, I learned that a fair number of Democrats – because they’re certain they are “right” on the issues – act far too contemptuously towards Republicans, across-the-board, which is unfair.

Despite your compelling biography and resume, Senator Fischer is your equal. I know I’ve written that before but you must believe that, absorb that, and it will come through that despite your deep background in the arena compared to hers, you understand the two of you are equal in the eyes of the voters.

Nonetheless, you’re definitely the underdog and did you read last Sunday’s New York Times? It turns out American voters instinctively root for the underdog; ergo, you could still end up the top dog in this race.

After all, Deb Fischer was the underdog until the polls closed on May 11th.

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