Give it Up for the Grand Island Central Catholic Nuns who Taught their “Charges” a Cardinal Rule: Never Make Fun of People’s Names

September 24, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. – by Ivy Harper (exclusive)

Truth be told, to this day I cringe when I hear anyone make fun of someone else for their name, their look, or their intelligence.

What I found when I served as the 2010 Democratic candidate for Congress is that members of both parties do it and it’s off-putting.

It’s fair game to call Rep. Jeff Fortenberry a “Carpetbagger” because he is; in fact, he fits the classic definition. What would not be okay – according to our nuns – would be to refer to the sitting President of the United States as “Odumma” as the Lincoln Journal Star’s constant Commenter, Jody P, has so often in the past and does – disrespectfully – again today.

Last night at midnight, the LJS printed the great Bill Burrows’ Letter to the Editor that they headlined, “New Congress Needed” which I’m re-printing here along with Jody P’s mocking Comments that followed:

Letter, 9/23: New Congress needed

September 22, 2012 11:55 pm

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said his primary objective was to make President Barack Obama a one-term president. Can voters be uninformed enough to buy Republican leadership claims that President Obama primarily is responsible for high unemployment? The Republican Congress has blocked or stalled many of the initiatives to build jobs.

Congress has well-earned the title of the “Obstructionist Congress.”

The economy was in a free fall when Obama took office. Republican leaders propose many of the same policies that brought our economy down. They propose more tax breaks for the rich and less regulation of the often monopolistic corporations. Deregulation of the largest banks caused the bailout, which was a bipartisan solution.

Much of the tax breaks for the rich provided jobs in China, investments in the Cayman Islands, Swiss bank accounts and job-replacing machinery. Any tax breaks should be based on jobs created in the USA. Trickle-down economics never worked.

When Republican or Democrat governors boast about reducing employees (laying off workers) and criticize the president for the still too-high unemployment, I see it as hypocrisy. Layoffs of government workers and private workers count equally in unemployment.

President Obama has stabilized the economy and has moved our combat troops from Iraq. Osama bin Laden is dead. Obama has positive approaches to improve the economy but needs help from the Congress.

Let’s elect a new Congress that will help President Obama add jobs.

George “Bill” Burrows, Adams

(31) CommentsReport Abuse Liberal Dave – 7 hours ago

    1. Wrong again. It was not the Fed that made the housing bubble happen (another desperate right-wing attempt to avoid the obvious). It was not Freddie and Fannie either. Nor was it the 30-year old law that provided sub-prime mortgages in low-income neighborhoods.

      It was taking the restraints off Wall Street that allowed $Trillions of private equity money to be invested in mortgages for the first time since the 1920’s. That allowed mortgage brokers to make shaky sub-prime loans and then turn around and sell them off as bundled mortgage-backed securities, claiming they were AAA devices. Then the Wall Street bankers got rich buying and selling these things, and created their own derivatives and Credit Default Swaps, etc.

      When it collapsed, $Trillions in paper value disappeared, as did the life savings of millions.

    2. Jody P
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      Jody P – 19 hours ago
      Would it be fair to say that the Fed money supply was the tinder, and Fannie and Freddie lit the match? But you’re right. We’re given doses with way too much sugar and not enough medicine.
    1. OrneryCus
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      OrneryCus – 21 hours ago
      Biker Obama’s health care bill was no pass under the reconciliation act. If it was,they wouldn’t have had to have 60 votes before the Senate was able to vote on it.

      If it was, it would have only required a simple majority to pass it, not 60.

      Better go back and put training wheels on that bike of yours and quit regurgitating republican talking points.

    2. Real MarkyMark
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      Real MarkyMark – 23 hours ago
      You really have your handsful today, biker.

      Same old talking points, same old spin, most of it debunked long ago.

      Wringing your hands ain’t gonna get ‘er done biker. Neither is spinning talking points. If “Obama” is so bad, why do you have to embellish all your spin?

      Answer: Because the President Obama you have in your ideological imagination, just plain doesn’t exist.

  1. Blainerds
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    Blainerds – September 23, 2012 12:56 pm
    everything can be blamed on both parties not willing to work with each other. and to say we are not better off now than we were three years ago is crazy, we have had growth. slow growth but it is positive. and to say a Republican president and congress will fix this, is just crazy. and in three years to pay for two wars that we went to on credit. is crazy, and congress doesn’t get things done, is because there never there. and they get paid a ton for doing nothing…
    1. Big
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      Big – September 23, 2012 12:38 pm
      The President tried to close Gitmo but was blocked by Congress and gas prices aren’t caused by Presidents but by worldwide economic forces. The comment about “shovel ready” reminds me of another president’s comment-“Mission Accomplished”. How big of a mountain range was that one?
    2. JeffW
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      JeffW – September 23, 2012 12:34 pm
      You bad mouth the price of gas and attempts to wean us off of our dependence on gas in the same paragraph. Amazing. As we know, the obstruction in congress started immediately, and that included the use of the filibuster so that EVERYTHING requires 60 votes. He did get a lot passed in spite of it. Obstruct, and then complain that not enough was done. The comment on shovel ready projects above related to the fact that the stimulus couldn’t all be employed immediately – due to practical reasons. Never-the-less, much of the stimulus were tax breaks that did apply immediately. Regarding overseas embassies, is anyone mentioning that fact the Libyans are protesting in FAVOR of the U.S. and against the armed terrorist militias? Did anyone think that terrorism had ended, despite Obama’s aggressiveness in going after terrorists? The GOP has ceded their bragging rights as being tough on terrorism, since Obama has overseen much more success in that area over the last three years. It’s tough to accept if you are with the GOP.
  2. JeffW
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    JeffW – September 23, 2012 11:22 am
    As we prepare to watch our dysfunctional congress address the debt reduction plan with the deadline coming up at the end of the year, there are a few things to keep in mind. Obama offered Boehner significant cuts, and asked only a small increase on the wealthies individuals. It was a deal that Jeb Bush says was crazy to pass up. Now we hear stories from Bob Woodwards book about how the teaparty, led by Cantor and Ryan, warned Boehner that he would lose his speakership if he signed on to ANY debt reduction plan with President Obama, because doing so might help Obama get re-elected. There you have it – the truth we all suspected. Politics before country. And so it continues. There is no superhuman on earth that would have solved the fiscal crisis of 2008 in 3.5 years. But its the ONLY chance the GOP has to sway voters. A stock market that is doing well unfortunately hurts their cause.
  3. Jody P
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    Jody P – September 23, 2012 10:45 am

    As Extrano pointed out, Odumma had a Democrat-controlled Congress for two years. His stimulus was passed, and the Fed has kept interest rates near zero and implemented three quantitative easings, along with one or two “twists”. And what do we have to show for it? An unemployment rate above 8% for nearly 3 years, and which only seems to go down because people stop looking for work. And a staggering $5 trillion in new debt. Yes, Odumma “stabilized” the economy. He stabilized it at never-ending high unemployment, low GDP growth and unsustainable deficits.

    And what does he want to do? More of the same — the very definition of insanity. I would suggest that it is the definition of stupidity as well.

    Liberals believe the solution is to borrow more money and hire more government workers. No, seriously. They actually believe that. Oh, and also demonize successful business people. They believe business success is the cause of all our problems. And then they scratch their heads and wonder why the economy isn’t growing. They wisely conclude: “Hmmm…we need more government workers!”

    [Ivy Harper writing here. This is the Comment the LJS published in response to Jody P’s lie that Democrats and liberals “demonize successful business people.”]

    Land Grant University Reform – 2 minutes agoJody P. @ 10:45 a.m. declares that Democrats and liberals “demonize successful business people.”

    No, Jody P., that’s not true. Democrats and liberals praise, support, and in fact, lionize ETHICAL enterprising entrepreneurs – of both parties – who invent Vise-Grips, I-Phones, UGG boots, and Center Pivot Irrigation Systems. Actually, we stand in awe of these men and women and don’t give a hoot what party they belong to.

    We celebrate American success stories when those triumphs are won the old-fashioned way: by earning them: by being funny as in Carson; by being brilliant like film director Alexander Payne; or by writing better than his Senate colleagues as in Ted Sorensen. And so on. And so on.

    What America produces now Jody P are “corporate” raiders who plunder, pillage, and fleece the very GOVERNMENT that they criticize and yet the FEDERAL government is what’s made them uber-wealthy as in NELNET & now GALLUP, both Nebraska-based companies that have NOT become well-off the old-fashioned way.

    NELNET & GALLUP’S top titans became part of the “1 per cent” because they managed to conduct long-standing SCAMS aka as fraud masquerading as “loopholes,” predatory lending & deceptive marketing, and in GALLUP’S case vastly OVER-BILLING the American taxpayer also known as the Department of State, the Mint, and a host of other GOVERNMENT agencies.

    Although I’ve asked her/him politely on a number of occasions to please, please COMMENT on NELNET and now Gallup, Jody P. has NEVER mentioned the fact that a handful of Lincoln’s TOP Republicans, Union Bank’s own Dunlaps, Angie Mulheisen & the rapacious GANG at NELNET – who unlawfully received nearly $400 HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS worth of U.S. Department of Education “unwarranted” FEDERAL subsidies – are registered Republicans and quite powerful in Jody P’s party.

    NELNET et al invented nothing; instead, they act as MIDDLEMEN predatory bankers who used a GOVERNMENT agency as their own personal FEDERAL ATM machine for years and years and in an ideal world, they’da all been “perp-walked” right down to the real Leavenworth Street. All of them who conducted one of the nation’s most egregious financial scams because it targeted students whose only sin was not to be born into a wealthy enough womb to pay for college.

    This bears repeating: the CEO’s of NELNET & GALLUP happen to be registered Republicans. Jody P, just like charity, thoughtful analysis and serious scrutiny should begin at home. Why obsess so much about what’s going on in other states; discuss NELNET & GALLUP. They’re right down the road, my Friend.

    Beyond that, nationally, SEVEN of the eight bankers called before Congress to account for bringing America to the brink of bankruptcy via their b.s. byzantine and PREDATORY CDO’s, etc. came crying to the “big, bad” GOVERNMENT to bail them out when their “arbitrage” threatened to take down the entire international community were – drum roll – REGISTERED REPUBLICANS.

    So, to quote Senator Fischer’s line at the 2012 GOP Republican Convention in Tampa, the GOP wants to “get the Government out of the way,” EXCEPT when they’re looting it for excessive personal gain or BEGGING it to bail them out when their various frauds fail.

    Discuss, Jody P.





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