OPS’s John Mackiel: A Lot Like Wall Street’s Self-Obsessed Masters of the Universe

September 20, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C.  – by Ivy Harper (exclusive)

The “conscience” of the Omaha World-Herald, the columnist with gravitas, otherwise known as Mike Kelly, today wrote a must-read story about OPS’s disturbing million-dollar payout to out-going head, John Mackiel.

Earth to America’s DEMOCRATS: When are you gonna get that you’re being USED by men like Mackiel in the same way that born-again Christians are used by the KOCH brothers.

The following is the Comment that – for almost the first time ever – the OWH “allowed” me to post:

ivyleague2 (signed in using yahoo)

Ya gotta love how the Top Dogs of Education have hi-jacked the American Dream by making it so that if you criticize “Education” in this country, you’re in the tank with the Tea Party.It’s not “What’s the Matter with White People” or “What’s the Matter with Kansas” that’s guaranteeing America’s decline, it’s how Oligarchic Corporate Education Chieftains use hard-working Democrats to further their Wall Street-like Education Emulation in the same way that the GOP uses nation-divisive social issues to advance their ultra-right economic agenda.Bottom line: Democrats at the top of the Ivory Tower (K-16) & Public Education’s Top “Executives” maintain the Status Quo that keeps their “closed shop” coterie immorally wealthy while America’s working and middle class students and their families are stuck with life-altering, predatory student loan debt.Mackiel’s money comes DIRECTLY from the backs of hard-working citizens who still – naively – believe that “Education” is the pathway to the American Dream. Truth be told, these days it’s a road to indentured servitude while men like Mackiel & Mauer, & Milliken sock away their entire salaries – that dwarf the earnings of the Leader of the Free World for – “investment.”Mackiel is just a mini-version of Wall Street Titans and he shouldn’t kid himself that he isn’t one of their ilk. He is…and it’s disgusting given the huge percentage of OPS students who qualify for free and/or reduced lunch. Why was Building Bright Futures started? Because a national report cited Omaha’s African-Americans – per capita – as the most poverty stricken in the entire U.S.A. Hey, those kids don’t go to Brownell-Talbot.

You know, this news of Mackiel’s million-dollar baby on the backs of broken Omahans makes me really, really, really want to resuscitate my idea for a Nebraska-born THIRD PARTY that I began envisioning in 2008 while I witnessed the unlawful actions of what I’ve dubbed the corrupt “University-Financial Complex.”
It’s name: The Center-Pivot Party.
In my book, Democrats fleecing the American taxpayer are worse than the GOP doing it. Wanna know why: as the Stormin’ Mormon keeps proving, Republicans don’t bother pretending that the acquisition of wealth is not their primary goal in life. It is and they admit it. You gotta give em kudos for honesty.
Democrats, on the other hand, like Mackiel -who seem to delude themselves and their naive followers – would make one think that the almighty dollar is not their premier focus on planet earth. Yet, their actions prove otherwise.

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