Since Starting, Top Two Posts: Sarah & the Senator

September 18, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C.  – by Ivy Harper 

Been blogging away now for nearly three months; to date, I’ve put up 120 Posts and WordPress just let me know which were the “Top Two” in terms of the almighty “click.”

One featured Sarah Paley, Bob Kerrey’s wife and the other featured Senator Deb Fischer. Here they are again:

Sarah Paley: Kerrey’s (Super) Star Secret Weapon

Who knew my first Post would feature Sarah Paley, Bob Kerrey’s wife whom I’ve never met.

For some time, I’ve been analyzing the University of Nebraska Foundation’s annual IRS-required Form 990 and I’ve discovered some “interesting” irregularities. Ergo, I planned to list the most egregious. Starting with a couple of odd addresses.

But since I’ve got more work to do on that one, I decided to begin with a story about how the Nebraska Press Association – headed by Alan Beerman – works kinda like a media cabal that (unfairly) insures that Nebraska political incumbents keep on winning. IMHO, of course. That feature was in the can until this evening when I went to my local CVS to buy sunscreen.

During my Maryland months, I live in what they call “close-in” Bethesda/Chevy Chase. My Cape Cod cottage is – literally – just yards from Western Avenue, the iconic street that officially divides Maryland and the District of Columbia.

To give you a feel for who hangs out at our tony little Spring Valley “Village Center” – that, besides CVS, boasts the only deli in America with Iberico de Bellota Jamon (ham) imported from a centuries-old Spanish town – in just the past couple of weeks, I’ve stood behind or in front of Janet Napolitano (holding three bottles of wine against her chest at Wagshalls), Eric Holder, Evan Bayh, Andrea Mitchell (with Alan Greenspan waiting in the car) and Chief Justice John Roberts. Eric Holder lives nearby and when he stops in, closely accompanying him are three large black Suburbans with two Secret Service/FBI agents in each car who end up taking up half the small parking lot. Locals – who use to kinda like the buzz that they all made – now just roll their eyes as if to say, “Holder’s here again.”

Just setting the stage. So, here I am debating the numbers on sunscreen bottles when – for some odd reason – I picked up Vogue Magazine (which I’ve honestly never read but my daughter has become a total fashionista with a popular blog so I’m trying to “get” her new love) and – I swear to God – I randomly turned to page 38 and saw a headline that caught my eye.

Why? Because it was a play on “The Good Wife” which just so happens to be one of four tv shows that I am absolutely addicted to, to the point where I am now in Good Wife withdrawal.

Okay. So, I think to myself: I’m going to read whatever article this is because anything about “The Good Wife” is gonna be great.

Quickly, it dawned on me that the Good Wife in question was Sarah Paley and this was a Vogue column called UpFront written by Bob Kerrey’s wife. I couldn’t believe it. The first time I’ve ever leafed through a Vogue and I turn to this. OMG.

Here’s the Vogue headline: “

The (Not So) Good Wife. Bob Kerrey is running for the Senate; his wife wants to run for the hills. [They shoulda said ‘sandhills’] Sarah Paley writes about her new life as a reluctant spouse.”

In the upper right is a lovely photograph of Paley with this cutline: “The author in a Narciso Rodriguez shift dress & Manolo Blahnik (was this a purposeful nod to ‘Sex & the City’ & a direct diss to Karl Rove et al) heels with her son, Henry, on their block in NYC.”

Straight off: the woman is funny. She so nails Nebraska but – and this is the one thing I think she got wrong – she acts like a fish out of water in Cornhusker Country when, in fact, her humor is quintessentially Nebraskan. She describes herself as reserved; ranchers are too. The more I read, the more I realized that she’s just what Kerrey needs this time around. Don’t think he could pull it off in 2012 without a SuperStar Spouse.

For the Record, until Saturday, June 23, 2012, I thought State Senator Deb Fischer was going to win in November.

My new prediction; Bob Kerrey is going to be the oldest Comeback Kid in contemporary political history. Thanks to Sarah Paley.

There is nothing that Nebraskans like more than a man or a woman who can make them laugh ala Carson and Cavett. Sarah Paley’s got that. Check.

There’s nothing Nebraskans appreciate more than someone who is both self-effacing and wry. That, too. Check.

Sarah Paley may be a born and bred New Yorker but she sure sounds like a classic New Braskan. Check. Or as they say near the Bohemian Alps. Czech. Mate.

Who Ya Gonna Call? The Government or Ghost-Busters after: Drought, Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes, Terrorist Attacks…

WASHINGTON, D.C. – by Ivy Harper

Yet, Sen. Fischer says: “Get the Government Out of the Way.” And that would be: StratCom, the University of Nebraska, Farm Subsidies. So, She Wants to “Use” Gov’t when She “Needs” It but Shove the Gov. Away Otherwise. Hmmm. Sounds Ungrateful, Illogical & Hypocritical to the Max, no?

We have all been warmed on fires that others have built.

My grandma used to say, “There are two kinds of people in the world–givers and takers.”

Be a giver.

Many Republicans used to be that way; fair and thoughtful about the role of Government. For goodness sake, GOP, how can “The Government” get hugely smaller when America’s population has gone from 100 million to 330 million in five decades?

This GOP “Get the government out of the way” obsession is completely disingenuous given how GOOD GOP corporate titans are at exploiting “the big, bad Government” that they’re Debbie Downers about. And yes, I’m talking Lincoln’s own NELNET & GALLUP, to name just two.

Let’s see, GOP… “Get the GOVERNMENT:”

Out of grazing lands that the Government so environmentally – and like the perfect good steward – asks merely that you maintain at rock-bottom prices?

Out of WIC?  You really think that private enterprise is going to care about the nutrition of pregnant women and children. Look at Nestle’s record in Third World countries.

Oh, churches & “non-profits” are supposed to cover America’s needs? How can we depend totally on volunteer work when hunger is involved?  And what if these groups don’t – or cant’ – pick up the slack? Then what?

Why do the poor, already beaten down by life; some of them never having had a chance from the get-go, from the beginning of their time in the womb, have to find their way alone when wealthy ranchers – usually born to their privilege these days – get lavish GOVERNMENT subsidies to ensure that they make it in any given year when Mother Nature roars.

America’s wealthy, already so blessed, want more and more advantages. And the GOP – in particular – is getting meaner and meaner about how they demand it.

Let’s call it like it is: the rich bitch about “The (very) Government” that they know how to exploit better than anyone. And exploit it they do.

Frankly, it’s unbecoming. Did Senator Fischer want:

“The Government” to get out of the way of the Lincoln Arena? Because without the bonds and the taxes that “The Public” put into that Public/Private “Partnership” – after which the “Privateers” will walk away with the profits – there wouldn’t be a Lincoln arena.

“The Government” to get out of the way of our environment? No clean air standards, no clean water standards. Does Senator Fischer think that if Americans want to use the waterways as a toilet to dump industrial wastes – because they would if they could – they should have the right to do so. Wow.

“The Government” to get out of the way of Wall Street? Things are awful even with “Government” disclosure rules & regulations but without them, companies would do and say whatever they want. And it wouldn’t be “the truth.”

OMG, look what Wall Street did even with the SEC & the FEC, ostensibly, overseeing them (actually, federal agencies didn’t really “regulate” during the Bush years & that, my Friends, is how America ended up being brought to the brink of bankruptcy.)

@ Senator Fischer: President Obama pulled us back from the fiscal cliff that YOUR PARTY – the GOP – led us to by putting two unfunded wars, Medicare Part D, and more on the Bank of the American Public Credit Card; the corporate offices of this bank happen to be the U.S. Congress.

Seriously, and you spend your five minutes of fame at the GOP convention denigrating the sitting President of the United States who – without his Stimulus – Nebraska would have faced a BILLION-DOLLAR deficit in 2010. [More on this later.]

America’s broke because of companies like Lincoln’s BFF, NELNET, who almost received more than a BILLION DOLLARS (in the end, they only “got away” with $400 hundred million) in “unwarranted” U.S. Department of Education subsidies – during the Bush years – that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (thanks to Chancellor Perlman & then-Vice Chancellor of “External Affairs,” Kim Robak, in one of those pesky “Public/Private” Partnerships that ultimately, screwed students but made Mueller-Robak & the NU Foundation quite a chunk of change.

NELNET – whose corporate heads are all members of the Nebraska GOP – type stuff was going on all over the country – in every sector of American business – while George W. Bush was President.

Senator Fischer, why not demand that NELNET & GALLUP stop ripping off “The Government” rather than repeat these hollow GOP “talking points” that sound so scripted.


What about Senator Fischer’s line that she’s just been worried about America’s debt for the past four years – not the past twelve years – which is actually how long it took to get as bad as it is.

Rep. Fortenberry, Nebraska’s Cajun Congressman, does the same thing. He didn’t obsess on deficits between 2004-2008 when the President was a Republican; however, the minute President Obama took office, suddenly he, like every GOPer in the U.S.A., began freaking about deficits and debt.

Such interesting timing for “The Fort” and his protégé, Senator Fischer.

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