Senator Chambers @ Senator Council: “The Gloves are Off…”

September 18, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper (exclusive)

Senator Ernie Chambers announced in a free-wheeling, hard-charging “No More Mr. Nice Guy” interview this afternoon that he’s retracting his original statements with respect to Senator Brenda Council’s use of campaign finance funds to pay for a gambling addiction.

“She is being very aggressive,” Chambers said, “almost as if she’s in the role of a victim.”

Chambers said that at the outset when he spoke about Council’s dilemma – in measured and compassionate terms – he had not been made aware of the entire situation.

“I really thought she did this in a fit of desperation,” he said, “however, I’ve learned that this went on – consistently – for thirty months.”

“She committed a felony,” Chambers said, “and if that had been me or any one of my constituents, we’d have been arrested and we’d be posting bail about right now.”

Chambers said that he plans to take Council – and Councilman Ben Gray – to task tonight in his 90 minute broadcast appearance.

“Brenda Council is a lawyer; she’s a politician,” Chambers said, “So, it’s not like a private person did this.” Chambers also said that he wrote a letter on Senator Council’s behalf in 2005 and that both she and Ben Gray thanked him profusely for his support.

Chambers said that the “worst part” of the Council state of affairs is that, through the misuse of their money, she “harmed people who mean something to me and now, she’s trying to use this as a stick to beat me with.” From today forward, Chambers said, she “cannot use this to get a ‘Free Pass’ from me.”

He stressed that Council has not been receiving “good counsel from her friends.” He decried the way in which he sees her followers focusing on her being “conscience-smitten” as too little, too late and their emphasis on how “brave” she is as misguided. “Now, as a politician,” he said, “she’s susceptible to nefarious outside forces.” He intimated that he expected Council to bow out of the race thereby allowing Chambers to sail on to victory in November. He also said that he’d heard “rumors” that some members of the Nebraska GOP are “coalescing around Brenda” to try and defeat him.

“Her actions – 195 illegal withdrawals –  revealed on-going dishonesty; it was dishonorable; it was misrepresentation,” Chambers said his voice rising. “The money that she was given was not hers; it was the public’s and she, as a Public Servant, is supposed to be a trustee and a steward of those funds, not someone who takes out thousands in cash.”

Chambers paused to reiterate that he refuses to take campaign contributions nor does he have a campaign manager or an organized campaign organization. He is, however, getting ready to learn how to use a computer or an I-pad.

Chambers then likened the next forty-eight days to a boxing bout. When you agree to get in the ring, Chambers said, there’s an understanding: “Either you knock me out or I knock you out…and she’ not going to knock me out.”

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