NU Declares, “Trying Cases in Court is for the ‘Little People” – Lets the LJS Adjudicate their Cases in the Court of Public Opinion or Who Needs Nebraska Judges & Juries Anyway?

September 16, 2012


NU’s hubris has reached a new level when it kicks persons with physical disabilities to the curb in favor of fat-cat donors. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – by Ivy Harper

Okay, we know that UNO in 2004 established an MFA in Creative Writing Program – with the blessing of the Regents – that discriminated against in-state-tuition paying Nebraskans in favor of well-off out-of-state and/or international students. Then, when rightly – and respectfully – challenged; rather than admit their mistakes, NU libeled and slandered the journalist who discovered the unlawful UNO program.

We know that under President Milliken’s tenure, the list of systemic NU abuses just keeps getting longer: from widespread NU credit card misuse to NU have 421 faux-NU employees on their state-of-the-art health care rolls for years and years and who knows how many hundreds of “procedures” to rampant nepotism like NU hiring NU Regent McClurg’s wife and “awarding” her $110,000 (one hundred ten thousand dollars) and Harvey hiring his BFF’s.

We know that an NU Professor stole the work of a gifted international student and is being sued for it.

We know that an NU Professor who complained about retaliation sued the University; a Nebraska jury found her claim to be with merit and awarded her $280,000 (two hundred eighty thousand dollars) because of NU’s bullying behavior towards her.

We know that – within hours – a Nebraska judge overturned the JURY award; and reduced it to $25,000; the plaintiff’s lawyer urged her to appeal but she declined.

She knew the drill. NU – literally – runs the State of Nebraska. Why bother.

But seriously, NU, hooding public parking meters – on game days –  for NU donors has got to take the Gilded Tower’s Platte RiVersailles cake.

So, when the lawsuit story hit the LJS on Friday, what happened on Saturday?

Less than 24 hours later, the LJS settles the case  – the Courts be damned – with the article and headline below:

Handicapped parking plentiful on gameday

As I said, who needs a judge or jury, the Lincoln Journal Star just “settled” this case in the Court of Public Opinion which Media barons (aka as Lee Enterprises) now operate in tandem with their NU bosses. See, here’s the way lawsuits work; a plaintiff files a lawsuit, the press reports that; and then the case is tried in an American court with an American judge and/or an American jury.
Imagine if in each and every case that was filed in Lancaster County, the LJS ran a headline that – indisputably and unabashedly – took the side of the defendant. Let’s say that NU files a lawsuit against a company/person – let’s call them Mr. James P. Millicant –  for patent infringement or intellectual property theft, does the defendant get a top story the next that says, “Evidence Shows Millicant Did Not Steal NU Patent.”
Uhmmmmm. I don’t think so.
Again, just for the Record, the LJS’s unbelievably non-journalistic-like article headlined “Handicapped parking plentiful on Game Day” came one day after this Friday headline:

Lawsuit accuses UNL of discriminating against handicapped on game days

 A Nebraska man turned away from a handicapped parking spot when he tried to take his family to Morrill Hall on a home football game day in 2010 has sued the University of Nebraska.
In the lawsuit filed Thursday, Richard Norton Jr. alleges the Board of Regents violated federal law when it put hoods on two handicapped meters in front of the museum to let football tailgaters or donors park there.

His attorney, Kathleen Neery, said they intend to pursue class-action status.

“If it happened to Rick Norton, it happened to someone else,” she said.

[Ivy Harper writing again]

Clearly, NU didn’t even wait until Monday to march into – or call – the LJS to insist/demand/require that the LJS tell the public and Nebraska judges the TRUTH about Mr. Norton’s case. NU being NU knows how Ms. Neery’s case will be ajudicated and NU – surprise, surprise – is blameless. And will be found so. Just ask the LJS right now. NU’s won. Never mind that pesky thing known as a Court proceeding. Give it up, Norton & Neery, you’re taking on the Big Battalions, my Friends.

Again, by Saturday late afternoon NU got its message out that the lawsuit was without merit. Ain’t life in Lincoln grand? No, wait, according to Bailey Lauerman hipsters, Life is Right in Lincoln.

OMG, I’ve gotta re-publish this headline; the LJS’s bowing to their corporate NU overlords is just so “In-your-Face” to Mr. Norton and Ms. Neery. It’s NU being the bully that they are and saying, “Don’t mess with us, folks, cuz we will, we will crush you. Crush. You.”

Handicapped parking plentiful on gameday

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