“A Wondrous Thing:” NU President James Milliken Now Earns $22,000 Dollars More than the Leader of the Free World

September 15, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C.  – by Ivy Harper

America’s President – who has the weight of the world on his slender shoulders – makes less money than James P. Milliken.

Ya gotta love how Higher Ed has hi-jacked the American Dream.

By making it so that if you criticize the Ivory Tower Heists from sea to shining sea, you’re somehow in the tank with the Tea Party.

It’s not “What’s the Matter with White People” or “What’s the Matter with Kansas” that’s killing this country; it’s what’s the matter with working and middle class Democrats like State Senator Heath Mello who sell out their South Omaha constituents for entry into a Political/Corporate/College Clique that uses hard-working citizens’ deep – and often desperate, thus they take out predatory loans – desire to see their children achieve the American dream via a college road that now leads them to indentured servitude while Mello’s Masters of the UNMC Universe become wealthy men.

This bears repeating; NU President Milliken & Chancellor Mauer get bigger paychecks every month than Barack Obama does, our nation’s Commander-in-Chief.

Despite this harrowing reality, what’s even worse is the narcissistic way that Milliken and his Four Chancellors moan and whine about how they’re only at a “mid-point” when compared with their rapacious peers in the Big Ten. Poor babies.

Don’t ya love how overly privileged people still manage to find ways to convince themselves that they’re not greedy banksters.

Meanwhile, Abraham weeps. In the world that Lincoln envisioned, the two jobs: President of a Land Grant College and President of the United States were supposed to draw ultimate Public Servants. Make that Extreme Public Servants.

And I’m pretty sure that a UNMC Chancellor who demands a $97,000 Porsche Cayenne SUV, two Omaha Country Club memberships, three lavish pensions, excessive deferred compensation, housing, food, & other expense accounts, maid service, lawn service, and snow removal is NOT a Public Servant by any stretch of the definition.

Or to frame it in Arbitrage parlance: Public Medical Centers are the new Goldman Sachs. And Mello is just one of their Muppets.

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