Breaking News: NU Regents Approve new $84 Mil Business Admin Bldg + Agree to Buy Milliken’s Home

September 14, 2012


LINCOLN, NEBRASKA  – (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

University of Nebraska Regents today approved every single proposal put before them as they have for the past few decades.

But wait, you say, it’s only around 7:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 14th and the Regents haven’t even officially voted yet on the College of Business Administration proposed new $84 million dollar building at 14th & Vine Streets.

Nor have they voted on the NU Foundation’s idea to “purchase” NU President James Milliken’s house.

Well, you see, the thing about NU’s Regents is that while – technically – they’re supposed to decide whether NU proposals get an ‘aye’ or a ‘nay,’ at their actual meeting, the reality is that they have “real meetings” before the Friday meetings. Even those are unnecessary because what NU’s President and Four Chancellors want, they get.

Period. So, what’s the point of pretending that NU Regents meetings are anything but theater. The Regents are merely rubber-stamping what’s already been decided behind closed doors.

Come on, folks, when you’re Regent Jim McClurg and your wife was put on the NU payroll to the tune of $120,000, whatcha gonna do, say ‘no’ to proposals put forth by her bosses.

But what I really love about the LJS is the way – with a straight keyboard – watch, they’ll actually quote Regent McClurg praising the new Business building proposal and they won’t even mention the teensy, tiny fact that his wife makes six figures at the Raikes School. As I’ve said in another post, there’s not another single Land Grant that has the audacity to put a Regents/Trustees wife on the payroll with a six-figure salary.

Unlike the great majority of Nebraskans, I’ve actually attended around six NU Regents meetings and truth be told, the best word to describe them would be: farce.

Ergo, it’s such a kick for me to read this morning’s Lincoln Journal Star’s (LJS) Kevin Abourezk’s “carousel” story with the headline, “Regents ‘to consider’ new Business College Building.”

Hey, LJS, don’t bother with the phrase the Regents are going “to consider,” just tell the truth, it’s been a fait accompli ever since the idea was broached. That’s NU’s m.o.

Here’s the headline LJS readers should have awakened to this morning:

“The NU Regents – even before meeting- have approved a new $84 million dollar home for the College of Business Administration.”

Then, ditto for every other item on their phony “agendas.”

I’m thinkin’ we should replace the great seal affixed to the Varner Hall basement wall that the Regents sit in front of during their Friday “acting” performances with Gnarls Barkley’s words of wisdom: “Bless your soul, you really think you’re in control.”

Or perhaps they should rename Varner Hall the Johnny Carson School of Farce and Acting.

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