Milliken’s Platte RiVersailles Demand: Now, Give me a House, Woe is Me, My $400,000 Hundred Thousand Dollar Salary Doesn’t Cut it in Lincoln!

September 10, 2012


The Lincoln Journal Star yesterday published an article about an NU Regent plan to give NU President Milliken a house for “entertaining.” Seriously.

Fifteen Cornhuskers Commented afterwards and all expressed opposition to this shameful proposal: it’s just another planned Ivory Tower Heist.

The truth: NU’s rubber-stamping Regents are using worn-out dogma and self-serving rationales merely to justify excess. Just like Wall Street.

Here’s a better way to view the University “Executive Salary Equity & Perks” Arms Race. Just because the President of Ohio State buys a cherry-red, gas-guzzling Hummer and brags about it, does that mean that NU should buy a Hummer 3 on steroids. Or a tank.

If the rapacious Gordon Gee retrofitted an aircraft carrier and drove that around his Ohio campus, should Nebraska’s five Chancellors follow?

No. They should not. NU Chancellors should buy a small, “smart” car and feel content—and proud–that they are not taking part in the immoral and bad-business-driven belief that bigger is always better…

Or that more money for already-wealthy Corporate Chancellors – formerly known as Public Servants – can continue to be justified when the lavish salaries of the PUBLIC “hyper-trophying hordes of University Presidents/Chancellors/Vice-Chancellors/Deans & Provosts” are a core contributor to America’s ever-escalating, obscene economic disparity.

This bears repeating: Predatory College Presidents and their BFF’s, predatory student loan lenders, have helped to create the United States of a Mess. Remember, NELNET didn’t fleece the U.S. taxpayer all by their “loan-somes.” NELNET had NU’s help and the NU Foundation got around $22 million dollars for their role in the nefarious NU/NELNET “Partnership” that happened right after NU President Milliken came to power and when uber-lobbyist Kim Robak was NU Vice-Chancellor for External Affairs. She resigned from NU one month after the NELNET/NU “Partnership” and shortly afterwards, the Mueller-Robak lobbying firm began receiving $45,000 a year from NELNET, an arrangement that continues to this day.

NU’s Regents don’t seem to understand that they should be ROLLING BACK NU salaries and perks rather than increasing them. Students are suffering, Sirs, and you’re supposed to be Stewards for them.

A recent USA Today article begins: “At least one person on campus has done okay as the economy has declined: public university presidents’ salaries climbed 37.6 per cent last year…” while tuition continues to skyrocket and hard-working American students are stuck with soul-crushing predatory student loan debt.

University Presidents et al are supposed to be leaders but in Nebraska, it’s clear that it’s just the reverse. NU’s Regents & NU’s Presidents are being led to fiscal sanity by We the People.

But boy, that is definitely happening. When LGUR first started, it seemed a bit lonely talking about the legacy of the Land Grant Act but all one has to do is read the LJS Comments and the Omaha World-Herald to know how much that’s changed.

Here’s the reality: Nebraskans see the Big Picture far better than NU’s Regents, NU’s President, & NU’s Four Chancellors who are being paid excessively by citizens who have more vision than the Ivory Tower does. Wow.

Ironic and sad at the same time.

The good news: the college reform tipping point has arrived. And while NU’s Regents et al continue to show their clique-like cluelessness about the Lives of Others, it’s still just a question of time before NU will be officially reined in either by the ballot, by an Inspector General, or via legislative mandate.

A final note: NU repeatedly seeks increases by referencing that they’re only doing so because they’re stuck at a “mid-point” with their “Peers” in the Big Ten.

My answer: “Peer Pressure, isn’t that what Educators teach Middle Schoolers to ignore?”

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