In 2009, I Sent NU a “Request for Records” & “CC’d NU’s Regents; Thinking He Was Responding to Milliken, NU Regent Bob Phares “Accidentally” Sent the Email Below to Me; He Mentions “our” Message which Proves Regents/Administrators Conspire

September 10, 2012


— On Mon, 7/13/09, Bob Phares <> wrote:From: Bob Phares <>

Subject: RE: Request for Public Records Pursuant to Neb. Rev.Statutes 84-712 through 84-71209 (cum.Supp. 2006).

To: “ivy harper” <>

Date: Monday, July 13, 2009, 9:23 PM

Well it really is welcome home time now., Ivy and the Common Cause in one week.

Sorry to hear about Linda, that will create some additional strain. Maybe we can ask the Foundation for some more “padding” for you!

I thought what has journalism come to, with that headline and then the first paragraph talks about your 5 year old car!

Overall I didn’t think the article was bad and the box , albeit on page 2[*], got out our message on the salaries.

Hang in there my friend!

[Regent Bob Phares]

* [Phares is making reference to a July 12, 2009  LJS article about NU Foundation-delivered excessive perks and lavish benefits bestowed on NU’s Five Chancellors and other NU elites.] Then-Editor Michael Nelson published an LJS front-page headline that read, “NU Foundation Pads [NU] Salaries.”

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