Senator Mike Johanns Speaks with Forked Tongue @ GOP Convention Breakfast in Tampa

August 30, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Senator Mike Johanns & Cong. Paul Ryan: so many lies; so little time to debunk them.

Don Walton quotes Senator Mike Johanns as saying that “we need to sweep the table” and win control of Congress as well as the White House in order to “turn those (Obama) policies around and adopt a conservative, pro-growth policy for our nation.”

Obama’s agenda is “keeping people unemployed, destroying our health care system (and) burying our children and grandchildren under a mountain of debt,” he said. The president’s economic stimulus package was used to “pay money back to their (Democratic) friends,” Johanns said.

First, the State of Nebraska received more that ONE BILLION DOLLARS from President Obama’s greatly-needed Stimulus Package that was only necessary because the GOP under President George W. Bush put two wars and Medicare Part D on a credit card thereby passing on that unsustainable debt to future generations. The Unicameral’s Republican Greg Adams of York, Nebraska – Chairman of the Committee on Education – is on “RECORD” at a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce breakfast in 2010 as admitting (albeit quite reluctantly) that without the $262 (two hundred sixty two MILLION dollars) that Nebraska took from the ONE BILLION DOLLAR Obama Stimulus Monies, and put towards K-16, the State’s education picture would have been dire. And that was just a quarter of a BILLION dollars of the Stimulus.

The President’s gift to Nebraska saved – literally – hundreds and hundreds of Nebraska para and teachers’ jobs and many more in other business sectors.

In other words, Senator Mike Johanns lied.

Second, to say that President Obama’s AGENDA is actually to KEEP “people unemployed” – as if he’s some kind of monster – is such a glaring lie that it speaks for itself. National unemployment is higher than any Democrat – or fair Republican – wants but the cause is complicated and long in coming; however, it’s partly because of America’s transformation from a global leader in manufacturing to a service and IT economy; plus, a whole host of other “perfect storm,” long-simmering factors that include the misguided votes of U.S. Senators as much as anything or anyone.

But if the Senator wants to pick a date that jump-started massive unemployment, we could go back to 2008 when a Republican was in power the entire year and was “The President” for the Crash of 2008 and the fleecing of America by Wall Street. Wall Street’s looting of America – and the GOP-driven TARP – lavishly bailed out greedy, risk-taking bankers who’d already stolen trillions from the American taxpayer. Of the eight predatory BANKERS called to Congress to account for their financial sins, seven of the eight were REGISTERED REPUBLICANS. Yes, that’s a FACT.

President Obama has pulled America BACK from the fiscal cliff that the GOP recklessly drove us to in a gas-guzzling, red Humvee.

So, Senator Mike Johanns lied again.

Third, Senator Mike Johanns said that the President is “destroying our health care system,” when truth be told, the system was imploding by all accounts while health insurance CEO’s – whose companies were routinely denying legitimate claims – were taking home Versailles-like, obscene salaries each year; hundreds of millions of dollars annually while hard-working Americans were going bankrupt to pay for over-priced services not to mention dying because of America’s messed up health care system.

In fact, the President has reined in health care and simultaneously put the spotlight on healthy eating and preventive measures, something the GOP doesn’t do because they’re in bed with the high-fructose corn syrup, Big Ag, junk-food Grocery Manufacturers of America, & Washington, D.C. “lawbbyists” who’ve managed to maintain the awful health care status quo for decades; that is, until President Obama was elected.

Senator Johann’s fourth – and most egregious – lie is that President Obama is “burying our children and grandchildren under a mountain of debt” when that was done by the very institution of which Senator Johanns is a member: the U.S. Congress.

Additionally, for Senator Johanns – who has repeatedly voted against hard-working, suffering American students and in FAVOR of private predatory student loan bankers like the NELNET crowd – to lecture about unsustainable debt when he is beholden to Big Bankers, Big Ag, and Big Insurance and so many, many Washington, D.C. “lawbbying” firms is beyond laughable, it’s yet another huge lie.

Isn’t one of the Ten Commandments: “thou shall not lie?”

Also, Senator Johanns’ hypocrisy in talking about “destroying” health care when he and his family – who’ve taken of advantage of it to the max from all accounts – have received FEDERAL GOVERNMENT-issued state of the art health care provided to the Johanns Family via the backs of the hard-working American taxpayer for more than twenty straight years now is the height of outrageousness.

To recap: Senator Johanns and his family have been on the GOVERNMENT dole for twenty years now yet he denies GOVERNMENT health care/insurance benefits to others. That’s immoral, by any benchmark.

@ Don Walton: Can’t you please call Senator Johanns out on the FOUR lies that he spoke just at a single breakfast in Florida?

The Record reveals that the stuff the Senator is spouting is demonstrably false. When one listens to the list of lies that Cong. Ryan spoke last night before a national audience, one realizes that birds of a lying feather really do flock together.

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