Gallup’s Jim Clifton Boasts & Brags about “Billing” Prowess; U.S. Justice Dept. Putting “Achiever” Lawyers in Charge of Case

August 24, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Gallup’s Jim Clifton brags in a prominent on-line bio: “Under Clifton’s leadership, Gallup has enjoyed a tenfold increase in its billing volume…” Hmmm. Turns out that’s easy when you’re cooking the books.

Clifton clearly sees “billing” – or should we now call it what it is – “over-billing” as his major “Strength.”

Just imagine: Clifton ostensibly posted that biography himself; and he had the audacity to mention his “billing” prowess in the very second sentence.

Wow. Talk about a Freudian Strength-Finder Slip.

Do you think Mr. Clifton will – in a damage control effort –  go into Google and try to erase all the many times Clifton – point-blank – crows about Gallup’s “billing” dominance.

For goodness sake, one would think Mr. Clifton is a senior partner in one of Washington, D.C.’s top white collar criminal defense law firms where talk about “billable hours” is the only conversation that counts.

On another note, my Friends, do you think “over-billing” the American taxpayer is a good way to WOO (Win Others Over?”) I’m thinking ‘no.’

The good news: the word on the D.C. Street is that Attorney General Eric Holder – a neighbor of mine – is putting lawyers in charge of the Justice Department Qui Tam lawsuit against Gallup for massively over-billing the American taxpayer who – just like Gallup describes – all happen to be uber-“Achievers.”

These assistant A.G’s have a “great deal of stamina and work hard at every [case]…” they take on.

OMG, these Attorneys General who are heading up the Justice Department lawsuit against Gallup even start their “week-ends and vacations” figuring out how to prevail against Gallup. Because nothing says being an “Achiever” like overseeing a Qui Tam lawsuit that the U.S. Department of Justice has actually agreed to prosecute. 

Would you believe that “every day starts at zero” for these “Achiever” Attorneys General? Ain’t that grand.

And just like Gallup says, these Justice Department lawyers plan to “work long hours [on this Gallup Qui Tam lawsuit] without burning out.”

 Because after all, as the Great Oz-like Gallup asserts, “Being an ‘Achiever’ has its benefits.”

The primary one being that these Justice Department “Achiever” lawyers are all getting “jolts” as they begin their new task and new challenge.

But the biggest benefit in being a Justice Department “Achiever” lawyer: the “fun” of catching white-collar crooks.

Stay tuned today for: more on Gallup, Epworth, Nancy Sebring & the Omaha World-Herald.



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