Nebraska’s Men in Suits at StratCom or the Big Battalions Still Scared of the Boy from Bethany

August 17, 2012


Nelson announces StratCom construction will begin

Nelson announces StratCom construction will begin

WASHINGTON, D.C. – by Ivy Harper

Sometimes, when I see photographs like the one above, (sadly, they’re the norm in Nebraska) I really wish Senator Mike Johanns – who has been on the government dole for more than 20 years now – would simply step down and give up his seat to Senator Deb Fischer.

Then, two wrongs would automatically be rectified:

1) Nebraska’s paucity of female politicians with bona fide power; (U.S. Senator Deb Fischer) A GOP Rancher from the 3rd District;

2) Nebraska’s over-representation of GOP male politicians; (U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey) A Democratic urban Entrepreneur from the 1st & 2nd;

Such sweet symmetry especially since Fischer & Kerrey are native Nebraskans unlike Fortenberry and Johanns.

This picture – which didn’t credit a photographer- reveals Nebraska’s non-diverse dynamic:

All of Nebraska’s Congressmen are GOP men;

All of Nebraska’s constitutional officers are GOP men;

All of Nebraska’s Regents are GOP/Dem men;

All of NU’s Presidents/Chancellors are GOP men (okay, there might a Dem or two but they certainly don’t act egalitarian)

Most of Nebraska’s Senators are GOP men. And so on. Beyond this inequity, each County is a microcosm of the above.

Yet, despite having all this massive and pervasive power, you read the uber-political – nee ferocious –  GOP blog,, and come away thinking that if Democrat Bob Kerrey happened to be elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, the Republicans will flip the truck out.

Perspective, people.

You’ve got – literally – 99 per cent of the power in Nebraska and you act as if Bob Kerrey winning would be the worst thing in the whole wide world. Gosh, guys, get a grip.

How do you think Democrats feel about having to live with all Elephants all the time? Or do you ever think about anyone but your own GOP selves? Seriously.

Do you want to know why the Nebraska GOP is afraid of Bob Kerrey? Here’s the truth: he’s got more gravitas – just him –  than Smith, Terry, Fortenberry & Johanns put together.

Deep down, the GOP knows this and it bugs them. A lot.

To recap: Nebraska’s GOP can actually look at the photo above – a stage full of GOP men who make up Nebraska’s entire Congressional delegation- and still feel insecure with Kerrey in the picture.

Or not, as the case may be. It doesn’t matter; Kerrey’s a presence irrespective of where he’s standing. Too bad, GOP, you can purchase all the positions you want but you can’t buy authenticity.

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