Is Epworth Village – which gets most of its funding from Medicaid – CEO Tom McBride’s Salary a Half a Million Bucks or $92,196; It’s Impossible to Tell from their IRS Form 990

August 9, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

The latest available IRS Form 990 for  the York-based Epworth Village is the year 2010. An examination of the Form – which was filled out by President & CEO, Tom McBride – is confusing, to say the least. Some answers appear to be disingenuous; others could conceivably be flat-out false.

What’s interesting is that the IRS revamped the forms specifically so that how much money in salary “non-profit” heads are making is easily understood and quickly collected. Supposedly, the way the questions had been framed in the past allowed “non-profit” Presidents, Directors, CEO’s, and Trustees to take advantage of those pesky little things called “loopholes.” Such a sweet euphemism, no?

Oh, how lovable those little baby loopholes seem to be to Nebraska Republican “Non-Profit” Directors & GOP Corporate titans.

Recall for a moment how the Lincoln-based predatory student loan company, NELNET, devoured little baby loopholes – also called U.S. Department of Education federal subsidies –  in order to make a half a billion bucks it didn’t deserve. Yes, and just like Medicaid monies, can we call it like it really is and remind readers that federal subsidies actually emanate from the backs of the hard-working – Democratic, Republican, & Independent –  American taxpayer.

So, when one reads Epworth Village’s most recent report seeking the simple answer to this basic question: “How much compensation does President & CEO Tom McBride receive from the “non-profit” Epworth Village?” an organization that receives almost all of its funding from federal and state sources, what’s odd is that – according to the IRS Form 990 Report – McBride’s salary could be two completely different figures. Is that on purpose or accidental; who can say.

Let’s deconstruct Epworth Village’s IRS Form 990 2010 “compensation” section.

Coming Thursday afternoon: Epworth Village, Part IV

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