The “People in Pain ‘Chain of Being'” or Mueller-Robak Redux

August 8, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Admittedly, it somehow seems sordid and unsettling to profit on people in pain. Because let’s face it, folks, that’s who comes under the banner of the “Children & Family Coalition of Nebraska.”

Kids at risk; struggling families in transition; young adults attempting to overcome addiction and bad choices. Yet, direct care workers who actually care for their fellow human beings in trouble receive salaries at the lowest end of the earnings totem pole.

Pooh-bahs at the top of the “People in Pain Chain of Being,” – and that includes lobbyists – however, seem to do quite well.

For example, uber-lobbyists Bill Mueller and Kim Robak charged the “Children and Family Coalition of Nebraska” – also known as the York-based Epworth Village – nearly $100,000 for 2011-2012 – and these are their words from the Nebraska Accountability & Disclosure Commission (NADC) for: (verbatim)

“child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health (Lobbyist: Mueller Robak, LLC).

Why is it that getting $100,000 thousand dollars for the above-cited “People in Pain” just doesn’t strike some of us as the way it should be.

In 2011, the “Children & Family Coalition of Nebraska” – an organization that gets most of its money from Medicaid– handed over $47,000 thousand dollars to Mueller-Robak; a salary pretty much equal to what public school teachers make for working eight hours a day or more, ten months a year, often in neighborhoods that draw suffering kids from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Now, that’s tending to childrens’ welfare.

Last year, Mueller-Robak’s total lobbying take was $1,180,554.38 (you gotta love the .38 (cents) that the firm made certain was the precise amount lest anyone question the whole smoke and mirrors aspect to how they bill their “Principals.”

Thirty-eight cents. What a kick. Is that supposed to help make skeptics believe that there is any actual connection between “lobbying” and the real world (okay, I’m being extra sardonic there).

Here’s what’s sad: If America’s legislators only considered legislation based on merit, fairness, necessity, and egalitarian benchmarks , we wouldn’t be living in the United States of a Mess brought to us – in all fifty states – by profit-seeking “lawbbyists” who these days even look for dollars –  if they can be had –  from “People in Pain.”

@ Nebraska’s Top Three “Lawbbying” Firms, let me suggest a motto: No Pain. No Gain.

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