York’s Epworth Village – which gets 85 per cent of its Funding from Medicaid & State Monies – Files False IRS Form 990 Report. A Citizen’s Request to Gov. Heineman & the GOP: “Rather than fret so ferociously about the big, bad ‘Fed,’ Why not Audit “Non-Profits” in your own Back Yard like Epworth Village & the NU Foundation?”

August 6, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. – (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Tom McBride, President & CEO of the York-based Epworth Village just hung up the phone on me.

This morning, I called Mr. McBride at 10:20 a.m. Central Time, identified myself,  and asked if he would answer some questions about Epworth Village’s IRS-mandated Form 990 Report. He agreed.

I’ve been examining Epworth Village’s Report and found several inconsistencies that appear to be substantial. At best, disingenuous; worst case scenario: false, which, of course, is unlawful.

For example, the IRS asks all Non-Profit Directors to list any family members who work for the non-profit, to list whether they receive any compensation, and to report precisely how much that compensation is.

On the Epworth Village IRS Form 990 Report, Question 28 asks: “During the tax year, did any person who is a current or former officer, director, trustee or key employee:

b) have a family member who had a direct or indirect relationship with the organization?

Epworth Village’s President & CEO, Tom McBride, checked the “no” column; despite the fact his son – I learned elsewhere – serves as a  pr/communications person for Epworth Village.

One of my first questions to Mr. McBride was: “Does your son, in fact, work for Epworth Village?” to which he responded, “Yes.”

I then cited Question 28 from the IRS Form 990 Report and asked why his son’s name and the amount of his compensation is not reported on the IRS Form.

My second question: “Why is your son’s name – and his salary – not listed?”

Mr. McBride said, “Because he doesn’t report directly to me.”

I said, “Well, who does he report to then?” No answer.

I continued, “Actually, the IRS doesn’t qualify that question; meaning, they don’t say that you are not required to list family members – to use your words, Mr. McBride – as long as they don’t report to you. The IRS says you have to list them – and their salaries – regardless of who they report to you.”

Could you please explain further?

Mr. McBride said, “We’ve checked the nepotism policy…”

He paused. I waited.

Finally, I asked, “And what?”

He simply did not finish his sentence.

My next question, “Mr. McBride, the IRS Form requires that Epworth Village list the names and salaries of the Organization’s  highest paid employees. Epworth Village lists nine employees and your name is missing? Does that mean you work without compensation?”

He said, “No.”

I said, “Then, a) what is your salary; and b) why isn’t your name – and salary – listed in the Epworth Village Top Ten employees column?”

I heard a hiss and he hung up the phone?” When I called back, my call went to his voice mail.

Epworth Village’s IRS Form 990 Report continued. Later today.

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