Don’t You Sometimes Wonder why Nebraska was Really Kicked Out of the AAU? Stay Tuned by Ivy Harper

July 20, 2012


Toiv, Barry
Jun 11

Please let me know what you’re working on.

Barry Toiv

Vice President for Public Affairs

Association of American Universities

1200 New York Avenue, NW

Suite 550

Washington, DC 20005

202-408-7500 (office)

301-404-7220 (mobile)

Please visit us at and follow us on Twitter at @AAUniversities.

Ivy Harper
Jun 13

to Barry
I’m writing a story on the University of Nebraska and the AAU.

Given that you represent Academia – collective champions of corporate and government transparency – I am hopeful that you can share with me more details about precisely what transpired.
Thanks for your time.
Ivy Marie Harper
Toiv, Barry
Jun 13

Thanks. Who is the story for?
Ivy Harper
Jun 13

to Barry
It’s for “readers” and I am a “writer.”


Toiv, Barry
Jun 13

Ivy, I’m not sure what I’ve said to get this off on the wrong foot, but how about giving me a call at your convenience.  Best over the next couple days will be my cell: 301-404-7220.  For future reference, my office number is 202-898-7847.  Barry

From: Ivy Harper []
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2:24 PM
To: Toiv, Barry
Subject: Re: your communication

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