CNN’s Candy Crowley, Kerrey, & My New e-Book

July 16, 2012


Washington, D.C. – Breaking news…(I’m being sardonic.) I just stopped over at our 90-year-old neighborhood “political” deli (the walls boast signed pictures of GOP & Dem politicians (Bush ’41 & ’43) going back to Barry Goldwater) called Wagshals where I found myself standing behind CNN’s chief national political correspondent and Sunday host of “State of the Union” Candy Crowley. I like her work and told her that.

Now, as I’ve posted before, at this chi-chi little place where four chocolate-covered pretzels sell for five dollars, I see most of D.C.’s political pooh-bahs whether they’re White House cabinet secretaries, David Gregory, Andrea Mitchell, Gloria Borger etc. from the political media or top lawyer/lobbyists most of whom have annoyingly arrogant vanity plates.

I’ve had a couple of uber-quick conversations with Attorney General Holder who – by now – acknowledges me at the CVS & Chicken Out with a wide smile and a ‘hi.’ I made deli chit-chat a few weeks ago with Janet Napolitano of the trademark silver streaked-hair. I so wanted to say to her as she held three bottles of wine against her chest, “Please, for the love of Homeland Security, get a basket” as it looked as if one of the bottles was going to slip out of her arms and go crashing against Wagshal’s fabulous ancient wood floors. But I didn’t say anything. Still, I “heard” Napolitano’s bill and that was some serious wine for her dinner party.

But back to Candy. Okay, so this is Washington. Ergo, the conversation turned instantly to politics and in the course of it, I said, “I wrote a best-selling book in 1992 on Nebraska’s Bob Kerrey.” (that line is just for the LJS’s karenkwi whose heart starts pumping when I refer to my “best-selling” book past and I’m trying to be an iv for her; an iv; get it.)

Anyhoo, Candy Crowley listened intently so I told her I’d send her a copy. She seemed pleased and then I added, “It came out when Kerrey was 49 years old so my book pretty much covers his core personality. He hasn’t changed that much.” She then acknowledged that the Kerrey-Fischer match-up is going to be one of the country’s most pivotal races.

Next, I asked her if she would read the first two chapters of my new e-book and – if she likes it – would she be one of my “e-book” blurb politicos. I added quickly, “And if you don’t like it,” and then we kinda said in unison that I’d/you’ll “deep-six” that quote. We both laughed because we came to the same point at the same time.

Since Crowley’s sandwich was ready by this time, we parted but not before she offered to give me her email. She said she didn’t have any cards on her and I made the classic remark, “And I’m a writer who walks in without a pen.” (still don’t have a “smart” phone although I keep trying different ones out and don’t like them; I learned that I had to do four different swipes – seriously – before I could access 911 so the phones don’t seem all that “intelligent” to me.) I concluded with Ms. Crowley by saying, “I’ll just put ‘Kerrey Book‘ as my subject because I’m sure you get a lot of mail,’ to which she said:

“Actually, I get so many emails on Kerrey that it’d be better to put ‘Wagshals’ in the subject line and then I’ll know exactly what the email is about.” I swear on the heads of our three Pugs, Gus, Beaux, & Middy, that that’s a verbatim Crowley quote.

So, down the line, if Bob Kerrey is invited on CNN’s “State of the Union” soon, I just might feel as if I played a small part.

How’s that, Karenkwi of the LJS, is your heart pumping big-time now? It’s truly comforting to know that my bit of bragging about an old book is serving a dual purpose: it’s not simply re-acquainting Cornhuskers with Bob Kerrey but it’s actually keeping you alive so that you can continue posting your anti-Ivy quotes even as I’m your lifesaver.

God sure works in mysterious ways.

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