The Omaha World-Herald’s 2010 “Political Coverage” Malpractice

July 7, 2012


Who covers the lies and on-the-job transgressions of the media?

As a proud graduate and national award-winning writer of UN-L’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications and the 2010 Democratic candidate for Congress in Nebraska’s 1st District, I have a unique perspective on “the press” given that I’ve been on both sides of the coverage aisle. In 2010, I unearthed and was subjected to “journalism malpractice” by Omaha World-Herald (OWH) writers/editors.

Erika (the Columbia Journalism Review), I invite you to “cover” that. Better yet, I invite the Des Moines Register.

The OWH’s “journalism malpractice” was far more egregious than anything Nancy Sebring did. The OWH manipulated a federal election via lies and did the opposite of what the OWH executed in the Sebring case: unprecedented political “coverage” blackouts of who:

Interestingly enough; two women: Rebekah Davis & Ivy Harper.

Second, I know of a long-running “affair” between two Lincoln Journal Star (LJS) staffers that caused months and months of low morale and turmoil among LJS employees; an affair that affected writing and coverage for journalists; lots more than mere emails. Given the immense “power of the press,” why is the media the only American institution given a pass with respect to on-the-job “transgressions?”

Wouldn’t it be fair if we could file Nebraska Open Records Requests for Emails of the LJS & the OWH given that they have as much or more “power” than those they cover because the media gets to determine the “fates” of their “subjects?”

Let’s face it, folks, the Fourth Estate – aka Journalism – is the Fourth Branch of Government. Why do “Journalists” get to accuse but point their innocent right forefingers in their cheeks and say like little innocent Pollyannas, “You can’t come after us. We’re just ‘recorders’ not elected officials so nobody can do to us what we do to others.”

This bears repeating: inquiring minds would like to know who “covers” those who “cover” others? So uber-competitively as to be monstrous; and to border on the misogynistic in the OWH’s “Sebring Affair” case.

Because, ultimately, that’s what this boils down to and Ms. Fry’s (Columbia Journalism Review) analysis reveals it:

A fierce, alpha-dog fight – who cares about the (female) humans being ripped apart in the process – between the scoop-at-all-costs Men in Suits who “run” both papers.

Notice the names of the accusers: Jonathon Braden, Mike Reilly,OWH executive editor, Rick Green, the Des Moines Register’s editor and vice president of news, C. David Kotok, OWH managing editor,

Notice the names of “the victims”: Nancy Sebring, “Nina Rasmusson,“ Jennifer Kreashko, Rebekah Davis, and Ivy Harper. Hmmm, see the pattern, Readers.

Oh, and let’s not forget the OWH’s premier role in removing from office NU’s only female Chancellor Nancy Belck for doing what the Big Boys do as a matter of course.

I’ve got incontrovertible evidence that other NU Chancellors have lied. Would you like to give me a call Mr. Mike Reilly? I didn’t think so. After all, there are unwritten rules in the Cornhusker Boys Club also known as “The Big Battalions.”

Bottom line: there’s a clear pattern at the OWH. The question is: OWH, can you handle the Truth turned right back at you.

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